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Hunting for an adoptable!
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I'm JB. I'm not sure how many of you have played over at Wolf-RPG but that's my main haunt. I go by JB, Javabean, Beanie, and have been roleplaying for about twenty years.

I was thinking about trying to branch off to Relic-Lore (I've tried before but found it difficult), so I'm hunting for an adoptable! I do best with newborns but I know it isn't breeding season IC. If anyone has any younger characters that I could develop over time, that'd be awesome!

Male, female, doesn't matter. I've played so many different kinds of characters over the years at this point! :P
Hi JB! First of all, welcome! It's always nice to have some fresh blood on the site. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I've been here for the past 4.5 years.

Secondly, I have two characters up for adoption! They're not exactly pups, but they're still relatively young and have plenty of room to grow. Even better, than have a bunch of different family on site to work out finding and allow you to jump right in! They're Huddy and Woya
Hii and welcome back!

I have one boy you might be interested in, Kenny. He's 9 months old (just a month older than the minimum joining age for outsider wolves) and he's got plenty of links to two prominent families in the Lore! As things stand his personality is a blank slate but if you're having problems putting something together we can brainstorm if you like! See what sort of ideas we can bounce off of each other.

Either way hope you can settle in here and if you've got any questions feel free to ask as I pretty much always lurk here.
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Oh jeeze, they all look so interesting. That Tainn family is huge though, holy!! So many relatives! I'll look them over more in-depth once I'm home from work. Thanks for showing me! And thank you for the warm welcome! <3
I'm going to hop in; Nash here was born this spring and is in need of a player! He's part of a small but growing family in the tight-knit Fallen Tree Cove pack.  He's got his sister and older brother and an interesting pack dynamic with another litter of puppies to play with in the territory. So far he's been played with a bit of anxiety but since his original player has been inactive for a while he hasn't seen much action so he's open to a lot of development!

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