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Heads up, now it's too late — Wild Cherry Orchard 
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Matilda Archer
@Nellie & Tilly - You've eaten a few too many overripe apples, and you're starting to feel a bit tipsy!
Also @Kerberos (if he feels like babysitting XD)
the battle is almost over

The silver Archer may have rolled her eyes when she finally stumbled across her better-mannered sibling, might have sighed and made pained expressions as she endured the words her sister prattled about where she should be and what she should be doing, but a smirk was ever present at the corner of her mouth, "Yeah, yeah I missed ya' too, now shuddup an' get inter these would ya?" She rolled another apple towards her firey sibling as juice leaked from the corners of her own mouth. Usually she was weary of fruits, especially growing up on tales of Odin's berry incident, but these were alright... and one didn't seem to be enough.

but the war has just begun
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What promised to be a very long-winded spiel about where Tilly had been, and why she hadn't at least stopped over to visit was forgotten the second her littermate spoke. Nellie's attempt at seeming irritated, completed by the mere slits of her eyes as they narrowed, fell away, replaced by a warm grin, and the broad wave of her tail. She had accomplished what she set out to do, and while the whereabouts of Jayseden,  Bojay, and Sterling were still unknown, Matilda was here.

"Yeah, alright." The apple was softer than she expected, its stereotypical crunch more of a soft bite than anything, and the flavor was different too. Not in a bad way, just different. After the first had been devoured, she moved to another, and another. "I reckon yer don't plan on goin' ter the Scowle, do yer?" Nellie wasn't even sure if she planned on going back yet.

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