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Willow Ridge.
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Backdated to Aug 28 (sorry)
@Ravenna @Blitz Emmy's rejoin thread sorry this took me so damn long. Thoughts. Speech.

Emmy was frantic, her last few days had been chaotic and scary for her since she could not find her way back to the pack, she had been trying to locate some elk for the pack to hunt but in the process had gotten herself lost, the territory was still new to her and she had wandered a bit too far and could not retrace her own steps in the end. She had wandered for days, hoping to find the pack again, but no such luck. But now she could finally smell it, the scent of the border, hear it, the sound of the other wolves, she was so close to going home to them.

She walked forward and howled out for the leaders of the pack, and then she sat waiting for them to arrive, and while she waited she began to think about what she would say, after all not everyone would want her back so quickly, she would have to win them over, somehow.
It had been some time since she had seen Emmaline. No one, not even Lilith, could seem to pin point where the girl had gone off to. With the coyotes only recently having gone for the most part the leader was left to worry if Emma had been attacked in the same manner which Sven had. When Ravenna heard Emma's howl, coming to her to only see that she didn't look at all in bad shape, a hard expression touched her features. "Where have you been?" She asked sharply to her cousin.

@Ravenna Sorry I have been inactive, school has been catching up with me so by the time I can get to it I'm tired. Hope you can forgive me. Thoughts. Speech.

Emmy winced at the Leader's words as she questioned where Emmy had been for so long. She was not going to lie so she laid it out as simply as she could. "I got lost, I'm sorry, I had to travel by night for a while and then a rainstorm came and washed away my scent so I could not follow it back here." She decided to add in her worries about the coyotes. "I had to try to avoid the coyotes coming here which didn't make things any easier. But there is some good news, I found a cache of food left b y them, I have some with me." She dove behind a bush a few body-lengths away and pulled out half an elk carcass that was still fairly fresh. "The bite marks are from me, I have been using this and the bit that I found with it to keep myself from hunger."

Emmy pulled the carcass to the Leader and stepped back. "I hope the pack can use it."