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gone too far — Secret Falls 
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Nineva Hervok
for @Ellery, @Askan and @Reyes only, backdated to oct. 8th late in the evening.

She hadn't wanted to ever have to come back here, much less in this kind of... predicament, and certainly not with Ellery in tow. It couldn't be avoided, however, not if they were going to give this search there all. Hopefully, the news wouldn't be awful, not in front of her baby. She couldn't help but brace for the worse, however, knowing that one of the leaders already had a sour history with Elias and knowing the kind of company the men that led this pack kept.

Nineva took a deep breath, far from the markers of the pack's territory, with her gold-spun daughter at her side.

"Remember, hun; be ready to get the hell out of dodge if we need to."

With that, she shook out her coat, still wet from the storms earlier, and lifted her head to howl, specifically requesting Askan and Reyes.

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Ellery Prudence Hervok
she smiles like a georgia summer

They’d struck out, turning away from the only home the girl had ever known without the knowledge if they’d ever return. She felt a certain kind of mourning in her heart, and the day before she’d spent the day walking through the twisting and turning pathways that she’d come to know and love so well. Then, when they’d crossed the borders she hadn’t looked back. There was no point, there was nothing there for them anymore. Everything that was important to them laid ahead, and they had a lot of ground to cover to find it.

Her mother had filled her in on the relationship she had with these wolves. They were family in a way to her, but they were not the kind that they wanted to affiliate with. It was a strange concept to her, but not as much of a shock anymore. After her uncle’s betrayal, she’d steeled herself to trusting only her mother and father. They would never betray or lie to her. They would always have each other’s backs.

When they arrived, Ellery stayed just behind her. She was a big girl, looking more like a 7 month old than a five month old. She was growing like a weed, and the top of her head laid just over the woman’s shoulder blade. At this point, she was at the middle end of the medium scale. Her auds swiveled to catch her mother’s words and she nodded in understanding. Then, she steeled herself as the silver matriarch lifted her head to make the call.

she laughs like the sound of thunder
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Askan Selwyn
I don't care if heaven won't take me back

As far as Askan was concerned he was done with Vigils Keep. He didn't like then, nor did he think he ever would, but he saw no reason to rock the proverbial boat. Sure, he wasn't particularly laid back and more often than not he was the one to start fights, but stomping up to the lake just to start drama? Nah, no thanks. Unless Lach gave the Edge a reason to be royally pissed Askan was pretty content to simmer.Winter was fast approaching there was a lot of housekeeping to be done at the Shallows. The dens needed more furs to line their floors and there was a dangerously slippy patch of ice near the entrance of Pete's den. He was going to have to break it or cover it up before someone slipped and broke their ankle. Knowing his luck it would probably be him. Siiigh.

Askan was shaking out an old elk skin in front of the communal den when the call rang out, demanding his attention. He dropped the hide and squinted, immediately recognising the howl as one he'd heard a few months ago. What did they want now? The Edge Lord gritted his teeth as he stepped over the skin and made his way down the slight slope that led to the den, he wasn't far from his northern borders and knowing his mate he'd be on his way too.

By the time Askan arrived on scene the sun had started to set, dipping below the horizon as though it didn't even want to watch the boring tedium that was no doubt to follow. Not that he could blame it, Askan wasn't fond of politics either. It was his least favourite part of leading by far.

Slowing to a trot and then a walk, Askan adjusted his stance as he planted his paws right on top of his border. Some might call him stuck up, haughty, for holding his head so high, but what was the alternative? Slinking over with his tail tucked between his legs, acting like a right pussy? Yeah right. He wasn't surprised to see the grey woman as she'd been here before, but the same couldn't be said for the child. Her child, he assumed. There was something familiar about her though, her pale blond coat reminded him of a certain someone- a boy Askan wasn't very fond of. But surely not, right? He didn't have the gnads for it, couldn't have them.

"What do you want?" Was all he asked.

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For all the internal conundrum that seemed to plague Askan, Reyes was utterly immune. He arrived not long after his mate, tail held equally as high in a graceful arch over his thick frame – and thought not on it longer than it took to do, if he thought on it at all. Nineva was offered an appraising look, but the spawn – and he assumed it was spawn, or why else would she have it – at her haunches. More politics? He did wonder. Perhaps it was that curiosity that instilled some sense of civility in him, for he wasn’t much otherwise interested in social calls and political intrigue as he had been the season past. Winter did nothing for him.

This season particularly, he ached.

Old age, maybe. Hah!

With Askan having already asked the most important question, he simply looked like his mate’s shadow, and waited for Nineva’s explanation.

@Nineva + @Askan -- Feel free to boop me when I'm up.
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