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Addy is scouting!
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So Adeltra will be out and about starting tomorrow to go spread some info about the Willows' missing pups. Her travel schedule will be:

Days 1-2 (5th-7th): WR-PS
Days 3-6 (8th-11th): PS-CAD
Days 7-9 (12th-14th): CAD-CWT
Days 10-13 (15th-18th): CWT-WR

She'll also be traveling with @Ragnar so if anyone wants a thread set on those dates feel free to PM/DM me! I'll figure out approximately where she'd/they'd be area wise, and just let me know if you'd want to thread with one or both of them c: If you want both, PM/DM both Vami and I
I agree. I will try to keep up as best as possible because I wanted Ragnar to get some exploring time in and more knowledgeable of the Lore. If I'm not exactly in the thread right away or at all, it's safe to assume Ragnar isn't far.