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an unusual research study — Swift River 
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Vaken wasn’t a dumb wolf, but he was young. A lack of romantic endeavours made him foolish. Had he been a bit older, maybe he would have sensed the danger he was putting himself in. The risk he was creating by rushing into things. Her coolness fooled him. He was moving so quickly, so ready to confess his undying affection. He had never felt attraction before and it was making him blind. He was still a yearling, a dumb lovestruck pup. He wanted to follow her around, to impress her.

He knew very little about Circe, but it didn’t matter. It was part of the reason he craved her attention. She was unobtainable to him, floating just out of his reach. He didn’t realize it, but it was a game. He wanted her to feel the same way he felt. He wanted to catch her. Once he did? He couldn’t think that far ahead. Vaken was not the responsible kind. He was afraid of commitment and responsibility. When Circe was around, he was more motivated to woe her than anything and it tainted his personality. He was willing to sacrifice his freedom, but for how long? “We’ll survive this winter together,” he reassured, standing back on his feet to move closer. He reached out with his cold nose and reached out for Circe’s cheek.

“I have friends that will help too.” He knew Ferreiran would be around. Maybe a few of the other males he had bumped into. If they needed it, surely Garmir would help. He nodded slowly to himself in careful consideration. He had been tossing around the idea of claiming territory but didn’t admit it to Circe. He did not want to excite her, to make promises he couldn’t keep. While it may have helped him impress her, the idea frightened him too much. Whenever he envisioned his pack, it was that- his. He had never imagined Circe by his side leading. A sour feeling entered his mouth. He wanted her love so badly, he wanted some sort of claim on her affection but treating her like an equal in the long term? He couldn’t fathom that far into the future. He returned to the present, feeling the warmth of her body against the chilly air and wet ground. “I like you a lot you know.”

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She allowed him to make contact with her cheek. It was a tender touch and she could spot no malice. What a strange feeling. She was so used to rough contact (bites, shoves, snaps, etc.) that this sent a shiver down her spine. "Of course we will." She offered in return, a low whisper with a touch of kindness to her words. Circe had no clue if they would. She did not even know if she would see him come spring or if either of them would even live to see a new season. But it was a thrilling thought nonetheless.

"I do hope they won't mind me intruding." She mused with a soft bat of her eyes. Olive eyes almost seemed emotional for a moment. She could not fathom the idea of being rejected. Again and again and again. Would that be her fate? Had she been born for rejection? A purgatory most fitting for a cruel beast but she would never admit it.

His words hit a string within her slowed heart and she could not halt herself from giving some display of affection. Albeit a small one. Her tongue swept out to groom at a spot behind his ear. "I know." She cooed warmly as she aimed to bury herself into his side. "I'm rather fond of you too."


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