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Call me when you want — Red Fern Forest 
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Lone Wolf IV. Yearling
Elenora Archer

She wandered farther and farther from the Scowle, with no real intent. Maybe she would return once she found what she was looking for, or once she knew what she was looking for, and maybe not. Maybe she would live her life going in whatever direction the wind blew her, because she was allowed to do that now. Her siblings had, so why couldn't she?

Whether the distance was intentional or not, at some point Nellie found herself on the other side of the mountain. Her mother hadn't hadn't offered them as many stories about the forests that laid beyond the peaks, so maybe the yearling would just have to start making her own.

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Shallows Edge I. Leader
Askan Selwyn

Askan cracked out a yawn as he bowed down into a stretch, his tail waving behind him before he settled back into his usual, squinty facade. There was something about the colder weather that made him feel a little less loose, like he needed a moment or two to warm up before leaping into strenuous activity. He refused to admit that it might have something to do with getting a little older and instead blamed the  chill in the air.

The ferns weren't quite as red as they used to be. By no means had they shrivelled up, all brown and dry for the winter, but their colour wasn't quite as vivid or as sharp. With a flick of his tail he swatted at a bunch of ferns then watched as the snow that had gathered atop their leaves thunked to the ground. He supposed his issue with winter was all of the tedium and toil that came with it, everything was harder than it needed to be. Roaming for more than a few hours became far more effort than it was worse and long distance journeys-especially across the mountain- were a big no no. Or at least it would be in a few weeks time.

Good thing it wasn't Askan's problem. He had everything he needed in the east side, thoughts of climbing the mountain were very few and far between; tattered remnants of nostalgia Askan had long since cast aside. Loners on the other paw though....He half expected them to arrive in flocks, to knock at his proverbial door and bargain to be let in. Shallows Edge always had room for more but the thought of moochers infiltrating his subordinates tempted him to slam the gates and not open them till spring arrived.

But if he'd been like that all along where would he be now?

Askan huffed, he supposed he ought to play it by ear. Just in case.

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