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Fight me, punk
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SeeJay here got swept up in the AC and I'd like to take advantage of that. I'm hoping she can be a bit far out from PS before making her way back. This is where I need your help! She's got a lot of frustrations and general snappiness that I'd love to flesh out more. Adults and fellow kids are welcome to fight and be fought. All I ask is to keep in mind that sense she still has pup LP I might prefer to come to an OOC conclusion for any adult fights -- as I am not looking for death for her. :)
Scully would be down to tussle, hes out looking for his sister.
Elwood hasn't made it home yet, he's not likely to start a fight at the moment but if she wants someone to pick on I should be back on board by the end of the month.
[Image: treyah_by_loccian_love-dc7mu4q.png]
[Image: treyberossig_by_becuffin-dc8ufez.png]
Wyckoff is always ready for some fighting!
Nymphnora is currently traveling with Daesamar, and he can join any of her threads!

Have you read my player preferences?
Would love a thread between her and Nia, course Nia won't say who she is.