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Shallows Edge
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@Askan @Reyes
Character Name: Abel Tainn
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: Little over a month.
Post Prompt Response:

Catch something. Right, right he could definitely do that as long as no rude wolves showed up again. He had a day and he was all alone. Which meant something big or overly impressive was well out of the question. Besides, he doubted the ant-crusher guy would like a try hard. A hare seemed like the luckiest he was about to get. Marmots and woodchucks were sure to be slumbering by now and he had no plans to go and wake the buggers up just to off them. So off he had gone to try and snatch what he could.

There was little success to be had but he had managed to snatch one hare. It was by no means plump but it wasn't all skin and bones. A perfectly in between catch. It hung limply from his jaws as he departed the area to return to the Edge's borders. There was a bit of pep in his step even if he was not the most confident in his hunt.

He returned, set the catch down and called. "I know it's not impressive but there's not much I can do alone this time of year." He admitted honestly before he nosed the limp creature over for judgement.
Askan couldn't say that he was surprised to see the Tainn again. If anything, he figured he would have joined sooner. Not that it really mattered, did it? He was here now and was seemingly willing to pull his weight. His kill wasn't anything out of the ordinary but Askan knew that pickings were getting slim this time of year. The fact he'd caught anything at all was enough to warrant his acceptance. The Edge Lords would give the boy a chance, the opportunity to prove his mettle and worth. And what better place to do it than Shallows Edge?

With a huff, Askan nodded his head in acceptance. There was much to do and the sun would soon set...

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