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Time had passed since Lyanna had taken her rank. With it some of her ill feelings, but not all. She didn't avoid the Herald, but she made no effort to speak, or acknowledge her. She was still waiting for her to prove she had the best intentions for this pack and not herself.

On this particular day after hours of uneventful patrol she roamed the nearby wood trying to find a small meal of sorts. Even though she didn't have much of an appetite. She just needed to do something. If she happened to catch anything it wasn't like it'd go to waste. She'd store it or offer it to another Edge wolf. Like Lae or Lance. A sigh fell from her lips. Why she noticed the various trails of squirrels she knew better than to try to catch one of them. She didn't need to be laughed at today.

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Inspiration hit me I hope you don't mind,

Zev had a desire, he wanted a squirrel tail to hang about his neck and so he hatched a plan. First he collected a large pile of acorns and berries then he found and rolled in not very good smelling peat moss making mud and dirt cling to him, then he rolled in leaves and sticks covering himself this was a lot of work for one squirrel he wasn't likely going to catch more then one today.

Then the brute went and lay down next to the pile of bait and closeted his eyes allowing the sun to bake the mud into his pelt and his smell was hardly wolf like more of a musty rotten pile of leaves oder which to his credit was exactly how he looked too. He rested there for more then a couple hours before the tittering pests got curious and came down from their high perch. Easy food was hard to pass up wolf or squirrel this late in the year food meant everything.

Zev had barely moved all day only a sight shift in his ear when the pair of squirrels made their way to his pile was the only sign of life. when they got close enough and relaxed enough to began to shove nuts into their cheeks did he spring. His maw snapped up on one squirrel killing it instantly but he landed squarely on the other. To the squirrel's credit it struggled and clawed and bit pulling out tuffs of hair and screamed it's vengeance loud enough Zev had to pin his ears back to blot out the sound. He chuckled enjoying the squirrels valiant but fruitless struggle, before reaching under him self and snapping the squirrel up by the head and with a good shake it was a dead as it's mate and Zev had a few less matts to worry about not that he worried about the condition of his thick pelt anyway.

Zev lay his days labour out in front of himself; two squirrels did not a full belly make, but then he had just finished someone else hidden cache last night so hunger was not his driving need right now.
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Not at all : )

She paused as the voice of a squirrel reached her. They had their little garbles that sounded like they were on alert or cussing you out but this was something else. It was shrill, and desperate, forcing her hairs to spike up in all directions. Clearly it was in pain, and fighting for its life. But as quickly as it had started it ceased. A little strange since she didn't hear much else. If she'd been further from the Edge she may have just ignored it, staying far away. Assuming someone was getting their lunch but rather out of interest or worry she made the choice to head in the hunter's direction.

With thoughtful steps she continued, her gold eyes scanning the area closely till they fell upon the wolf. He was a rather big fellow. Especially considering she didn't scent a pack. Then again he may just be covering it up because it was hard to get anything but the earth. From the looks of his coat, a catastrophe, it possibly explained how he caught the little buggers at his feet. "Is that what you usually get for all that work?" She questioned, a hint of humor as a smile lifted one side of her cheek. The rest of her posture was rather neutral, ears forward in interest, tail at rest, and her shoulders where she usually carried them. She didn't mind meeting strangers despite a wariness that still clung deep in her bones.

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