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No one seemed to have noticed anything suspicious on their patrols which was bothersome to the cove alpha. If it was coyote or loner surely there would have been a scent to indicate that it was them. Aside from the cache being destroyed there wasn't anything to tell them what had happened.

For a moment Kajika's attention was drawn away from the problem at paw when his daughter appeared. A smile crossed his maw at her obvious interest in what was happening. Birtie beckoned the child to her and after Chenoa reached her mother he stepped forward and nuzzled the girls cheek. One day she might be dealing with such things and she would need to pay attention to how her parents dealt with such problems.

He turned his attention to Tagg as he spoke of returning to his duties. He gave the man a nod, “Excellent, Birtie's right though. Don't overwork yourself depending on what has caused this we may need you at your best.” That warning given he felt they need a plan so he spoke to everyone that had gathered. “We will move this cache and rebuild it. On your patrols be extra vigilant at the borders. The caches should be included in your patrols so hopefully we can catch the culprit or prevent it from happening again.” Kajika couldn't know if it was a one time thing or not but hopefully with them each doing patrols and watching this wouldn't happen again.

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She was glad that Kajika had her back and stated that Tulip wouldn't do something like this again. A twinge of betrayal surged through her at the thought of them turning on one of their own. Everyone reported that they hadn't seen anything suspicious and the dark woman as about to report the same when Cheona arrived. Moonshadow just shook her head when she was looked to for answer. Nothing had been out of the ordinary from what she could tell. Birtie and Kajika told her mate that they would need their guardian in tip top shape and not to overwork himself. A sinking feeling washed over her as the dark mother felt like an outsider within her own family. She too would keep an eye on things and be extra vigilant for there was something off about this situation. "Will do" she confirmed with a nod before taking a step back. If there wasnt anything else the ebony woman would take her leave. She had some sulking to do.

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