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.... ooc name: Jay
.... current characters: Bluejay
.... how you found us: Looking for Wolf RP sites!
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): 100, 80, 45
....a role play sample (200+ words): Bluejay padded through the meadows, her lean grey frame slinking along. She hadn’t had anything filling to eat since she had left the small territory of her mother and father, and that was now many days travel behind her. Her stomach growled with hunger as she walked onwards. A small lizard skittered away, nearly trampled by her paw. Suddenly, a powerful scent of rabbit hit her nose as the light breeze changed directions. Dropping instinctively into a crouch, the she-wolf slid forward, until she saw a tawny hare, freckled with the white of it’s coming winter coat, nibbling on the frosted grass. Springing upwards, hind legs shooting her off the ground, Jay gave chase, long legs pushing her skinny frame along. The white tail bobbed in front of her, teasingly, as she began to slowly catch up. Giving one final leap, she landed squarely on the creature, severing it’s spine with a quick snap. She exhaled for the first time in near a minute, shaking out her slate grey fur, taking in the delicious, warm scent of her meal. Pink tongue licking over her lips in anticipation, she bent down to eat. Just as she was about to take a first bite, a thunderous roar sounded behind her, and Bluejay shot up, startled, only to come nose-to-nose with a large black bear. It swung at her with a massive paw, and the she-wolf ducked only just in time, feeling the gust of air brush her ears. Leaping forward with a growl, she snapped at the bear’s exposed stomach, but only got a mouthful of fur. In her counterattack, she was completely unable to dodge the next blow. A long, sharp claw laid her shoulder open to the bone, and she reeled away in pain, hardly able to think through the distraction of her flaring wound. Turning tail and limping away as quickly as she could, her last glimpse was of the bear consuming her rabbit in barely a mouthful, before the blue-grey wolf disappeared over a rise. She came to the foot of a steep, high hill, with a few ledges leading up the side.With a starved bear wandering around behind her, and near barren plains to either side, Bluejay clambered up the hill, using what little adrenaline she had left. As she reached the top, her breath was taken away by the beautiful scene before her. Forests, rivers just beginning to freeze over, lush territories, it was just like home. The young wolf half stumbled, half rolled down the side of the hill, coming to rest on a bed of springy moss. With a sigh of relief, and a final idea, she tore up some of it and pushed it onto her wound, slowing the bleeding. Her injury taken care of for the moment, and Jay exhausted from her ordeal, she crashed onto the remaining moss and quickly fell asleep.
and finally a bit about your character....
Jay is a charismatic, smart young wolf, light on her feet and comfortable with speaking to others. She lacks a great amount of physical strength, as her main skill is speed and distance running. She is tall, but doesn’t have much weight behind her height, and may run into back problems when she is old. Jay is easy to be around, but is a free spirit and rarely gains close friends. Her favorite activity, like the bird she is named after, in running around and seeing what there is to see.
Hi Jay and welcome to RoW!

Just a few things before we can get you accepted. Bluejay's history will have to be reworded as we do not allow characters to have already been in Relic Lore prior to their acceptance. Please also adjust your Life Point amount as pups are only allowed 100 LP. Finally, while dimensions aren't necessary, Bluejay's length is also labeled as 32” which is too small for a medium wolf so please adjust that as well.
have you checked out my player preferences?