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.... ooc name: Trix
.... current characters: Neha, Freyja, Jynx
.... how you found us: Current member
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Already set
....a role play sample (200+ words): He had had a long night. While filling in for Sven, he watched everyone in the pack like a hawk. Or tired to, with good intentions at least. When he wasn't busy with that he was teaching his children...educating them. Then patrolling. Hunting down lunch and next venturing out in search of any useful herbs to fill Ravenna's stock. Though it was a tiring job, Blitz liked being busy. It made him feel important...recognized. Having thoroughly earned his rest by taking the graveyard shift, the sea wolf had wedged himself in his favorite nook in the den.

A tightly curled ball of void black fur, his muzzle was buried deep within the folded crook of his fore legs. His thick tail curled around his tucked back paws for extra warmth, flicking only when he dreamed vividly. Likely dreams of his children...running along the shores of his homeland. A dream that he knew, in all likelihood, would never become a reality. Dreams didn't have to make sense; they ran wild, unrestricted by the bounds of reality. Deep in his sleep, he heard a voice. It was faint...but it pulled at him. He knew that voice. It's tug drew him out of his slumber, slowly. Just as slowly, he pulled his head up, blinking his eyes blearily. The silver-ish form of Ravenna greeted him. Wearing a still dazed expression, he responded. "Hmm...yeah?"
and finally a bit about your character.... Sea wolf. Lead guardian of Willow Ridge, father to Freyja and Ragnar.

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