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Charred Ash Draw
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Group join because I'm so slow, @Corsair @Azra @Kisina you may also reply to this thread if they plan on following Aponi. @Treyah

Interested in joining Charred Ash Draw? Please submit your application to the joining thread. Also please be sure that your samples meet the RoW standard of 200+ words. Thank you.

The wolf that comes to greet you is not overbearing in their stance, in fact, they greet you with a smile. How do you show them that you wish to join their merry little band? Do you have a way with words or do you prefer to be judged by your actions?

The plan had always been to descend the mountain and find her sister, ask if the Draw would give them refuge from the winter and their past. But, everything had changed when Serach had died. Aponi had been lost, the very ground that she had walked on had been shaken and the thought of Charred Ash Draw had been so far from her head it's like they weren't on the same planet. Still, she had children to provide for and the months had grown cold and the stone covered in snow.

When Treyah came upon them at the borders Aponi hadn't known what to say to her smile. It had broken her resolve. She had wanted to present their case with strength, give the points of what they could provide for the pack, how they would improve them rather than hinder them. Instead she had swallowed hard and rasped out a single sentence, all she could muster, "A fire has destroyed the Bend. Serach is dead." What else was there to say?
It hadn't made much of a difference to him where they went at this point. But he wanted to get off the mountain and away from the place where they had laid his father's body to rest. So when his mother had led them down the eastern slopes of Serpent's Pass, he followed without hesitation even though his heart ached for the familiarity of Spectral Woods.

Standing behind Aponi, he watched silently as a large tawny wolf approached them, kindness in her smile. This woman was likely to be his aunt, Treyah, although he admitted he didn't see much resemblance between her and his mother. His gut lurched at his mother's pointed explanation as to why they were there; their situation truly was bleak. Ears flattened against his head and he looked down at Treyah's paws, silently willing her to offer them relief and acceptance.
Truthfully, she didn't want to be here. She would have rather stayed on the mountain. Yet if her mother and brother went, so did she. She drifted close to either of them although when the came on the borders she lingered by Corsair's rear. Perhaps if she stayed silent no one would notice her or say anything to her. She didn't want to talk. Her mother had said enough for all three of them. She gritted her teeth slightly as she waited. Kisina was fine with convincing herself that this would not be a forever thing. That things would be better, somehow, and they could return home. Where they rightfully belonged.

If not home, maybe back to the mountain then. They could (almost) all be together that way.

Yet this would do for now if it meant making her mother better.
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