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mountain skies and glass green eyes — Fallen Tree Cove 
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Lone Wolf Pup
Staryn Eastfall
// @Kajika @Birtie @Moonshadow @Tagg

Wandering paws, it seemed, were quite the curse on the little Eastfall pup. After bringing Nash home, Star had... well, adventured herself away. Not too far, she didn’t think, but certainly far enough. And it had been fun, but the girl had realized after a while that her family would be worried for her, and she didn’t want that at Alex

So she found her way back, and hurried to the border.

Tipping her head backward, she lifted her muzzle and howled for the attention of her packmates. No matter how far she wandered, she would always want to come back to her family.
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Fallen Tree Cove I. Leader
Birtie Parlow

Her tail curled as she heard the call. The voice wasn't familiar enough to her and so she strode to the borders without wasting a minute. It had been silent so far and any call would have grabbed her interest just the same as this one had.

Granted when she got closer she realized it was just a child. If her memory was correct it was to be one of Moonshadow's own children. You've come back home? Or merely visiting before more sightseeing? She asked with genuine interest and even a rather rare touch of kindness to her voice. Of course, Birtie didn't believe in restricting children to borders if they were well equipped enough to head out into the world like most might. So far, no true ill had befallen the Eastfall children. Perhaps she was merely here to share a few stories and have a meal before bounding off again.

Would that be ideal? Not particularly but she would not keep the girl from home no matter the stretch of her planned stay. If she was staying at all.

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Fallen Tree Cove I. Leader
Kajika Tallis

The dark alpha had been resting under the the bare branches of one of the cove trees when he heard the call. The voice was a familiar one but one that had been missing from the mountain pack for while. He wanted no time heading for the border to greet the young Eastfall back.

When he arrived he saw that Birtie had already beaten him. Approaching where his lover stood he brushed her shoulder in greeting before turning to Staryn. “Welcome home I am sure that you are sorely missed.” He'd heard Birtie's questions and thought to give the girl a chance to answer them and he was curious as well.

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Moonshadow Eastfall
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Winter showed no signs of letting up as the ebony woman made her rounds through the cove. It wasnt tiring on her just yet but this year she had felt it more than any other. Maybe it was a combination of trying to get back on her feet and having her family wander off again. This time it was all of the children. @Nash, @Chan, and Staryn, Moon felt like she was the only Eastfall to remain in the cove since she and @Tagg hadn't spent much time together of late. It broke her heart really but she couldnt keep her children from exploring the world, and her mate? It was her own fault for being so reclusive and since the cache incident she was just unsure of how she felt.

So when the voice of her daughter rang through the trees Moonshadow didnt miss a beat in making her way to the border. When she arrived Kajika and Birtie were already there. It wasnt surprising to see her dark friend and shouldn't have been surprised to see the acting leader there as well. She gave them a quick nod before greeting her child. Her salmon tongue swept over the small tawny crown multiple times. Moon had heard the Parlow woman's questions so she wouldn't bombard the girl with any more as she took a step back to give Star chance to answer.

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