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let's plot
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Hey! I've recently come back from my way-too-long hiatus and I want to write very, very badly, all the time. Like I have a ton of muse. So... anybody wanna write with me?

[Image: tZ2qexK.png]
Risaela can be found in and around Wild Rye Fields
Ris is feeling a bit lost after Cancer disappeared. She's stagnant - doesn't
know what to do with her life. Down in the dumps, one might say.
Looking for:
Friends (she could use a few more of those)
Threads with packmates and family
Threads with new wolves
Perhaps some feels? >_>

[Image: EKlMIST.png]
Pietro can be found in and around Shallows Edge
He's grumpy and irritable, but is slowly beginning to open himself
up to new feelings and experiences. He is much better than he once was, and
is continually improving each day.
Looking for:
Threads with packmates and family
Healing threads
Threads with new wolves
Drama and Emotional shiz

[Image: B3QGr6Z.png]
Atsila can be found in the east
Atsila is a spitfire and a wild card with not a lot going on in her life at the
moment, which is a dangerous thing for her.
Looking for:
Threads with new wolves
Threads with family
Romance (?)

[Image: FXF8Jwz.png?1]
Staryn can be found in and around Fallen Tree Cove, but she wanders
Staryn is a good kid with itchy paws. She's bold and friendly and wants to befriend
everyone that she meets. But is the world always so kind...?
Looking for:
Threads with family and packmates
Threads with new wolves
Puppy love
Life lessons

[Image: LT0SQ6s.jpg?3]
North can be found with Calix, most likely
North is a friendly wolf with a good heart, even if he is a bit...
rough around the edges. He means well and wants to make the best of the life he
has been given.
Looking for:
Calix threads
New wolves
New friends
Threads with pack wolves

[Image: 11YA1VT.png?1]
Hideki is not yet here, but still wants plots
Hide is a kind young wolf, bold and eager to please and meet
new friends. He's sharp and intelligent, perceptive and studious, but can be
blinded by his self-applied mission at hand.
Looking for:
Not-so-friendly wolves
Mushy feelings
The whole shebang

If you are at all interested in a plot with any of these babies, please dm me on Slack, message me on here, or just post in this thread <3
Love you guys. I missed you!
Hi! I’m new to the site but not to wolf RPGs, so looking for some plots/meetups :D

Chantico x Risaela/North/Hideki

Chantico needs some friends, being as she knows no one here :p
Maybe Chan could help lift up Ris, and Risaela could teach her a thing to two about these new lands?
I’d love her to thread with North/Hideki as well.
(I didn’t choose all the fellow Chatoics on purpose XD it just sorta happened. The others would be nice to meet too, but right now I’m still not too sure of Chantico and her personality, given that personality tends to change a lot when you begin to plot)
Perhaps Ragnar and Staryn could have a little meet up? She isn't too far from his home and he loves the mountains. So maybe they can meet around the foothills?