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Last Light — Poison Path 
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Neha Vuesain
@Aleister This post details Neha and Aleister's final departure from Relic Lore.

Hollow, cold brown eyes latched down onto the land below. Past the jagged, rugged slopes of the mountain and into what lay beyond. The Vuesain had stood there like a statue for endless moments, seemingly indifferent. But one look at her was all any observer needed to know that a great battle was waging within her. One she had been fighting for far too long. And now, she gave up.

Eyes crinkling, the faintest of sneers twisted at her once lovely muzzle. Her throat felt dry...sour. She had been born cradled in the arms of this very mountain, just a stones throw from here. But, as she looked towards what had once been her home...her birthright by blood, she was met with nothing but bitterness. Pain. Regrets. Shattered hopes. Everything or everyone that had come into her life was gone. Her father, lost to the great wilderness. Her younger sisters, swept up by the same fate. Her brother Cernan, vanished...snuffed out. Her mother, ripped from her by sickness. Draven, torn away by lack of passion. And Sachiel, cast away because of her own carelessness. Even her distant Uncle was nowhere to be found anymore.

But Aleister remained. The wolf she once resented as a teenager for running off on his family, twice. That same wolf who reappeared back in her life when she needed him the most. Between them, they had made a pledge of loyalty solely to one another. No one else came first. Not even Vigil's Keep. The pack had fallen apart. She found no trace of @Aytigin and severed her connections with the others. Nineva, she didn't bother tracking down, knowing she was too concerned in finding Elias. Her time away, on what had been a soul searching mission, had yielded the answers she needed. There was nothing left for her here anymore.

Aleister had never been much for pack life and all the drama. She would free them from their binds. It seemed to be true; that the wonder bug infamous for running in the Vuesain bloodline, had finally caught up to them. She did not know where the world would take them. Be it to a better future or non existence. All that mattered was survival, and him. Huddling close against his dark agouti fur, her eyes softened as they paired with his bi-colored ones. A gentle nibble to the back of his ear, while her tail flicked, once. Then she turned away. Without a sound. There would be no goodbyes. There was no need. All anyone would ever need was the proof of her retreating steps in the snow. And their all that was left of their scents, which would soon be blowing in the wind. Only their ghosts remained.

Exit for the last time.

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Aleister Vuesain
aleister vuesain

Mismatched gaze regarded the rocky expanse below with a cold stare. Unlike his older sister, the battle within him had died a long time ago after he had found her this last time. The last of the remaining guilt departed with his mother's soul as she left this perilous mountain range to return to the Heavens where she belonged most. With only Neha to guide him, his soul wasn't periled by the raging emotions he once felt before finding his sibling. Instead, they rooted deep within his littermate. Until now.

The Lore always had this affect on the Vuesains and perhaps it was best his wanderlust had took him away so long ago. If it hadn't, perhaps that war that ravaged his sister, would also have ahold upon him. As much as he tried to soothe her with stories of better places outside their birthplace, Neha would ultimately have to make the final decision of taking control of her own happiness. And Aleister would dutifully be at her side until and when she eventually did.

Even throughout the drama that stormed through the Keep, the nomad stayed loyally at her side. Never one for politics and the pack life, he sacrificed for her. Sacrificed the happiness that he found while traveling through the unknown. Al cemented his feet within the Lore because his sister was worth it. Pledging himself to her, he promised to never leave her side unlike everyone else who had before, including himself. Aleister would rather perish than break this promise to her as he surely knew it would break her heart if he had. He couldn't live with himself if he broke her heart once again, knowing her heart might not be able to take the pain.

Relief flooded him when Neha decided to leave the Lore, to leave the suffocating cloud of sadness and despair that engulfed them. She could finally have the hope of finding happiness. Happiness was nowhere within the Lore for the Vuesains, it was like a curse ran through their bloodline. Aleister was going to free his sister from that curse.

Her warmth flooded his side as a satisfied growl rumbled against his chest when she nibbled the back of his ear. Mismatched gaze turned with her as she took her leave from the Lore, however, the nomad took one last glance behind them. His pause was only brief, perhaps with the hope of seeing the only friend he found within the Lore. However, there was no sign of anyone following them. He too turned his back on his birthplace once again, perhaps for the final time as he followed alongside the only one he needed.


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NOTE! Neha is currently traveling with Aleister
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