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Reboot: Setting & Territories
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Joe, Shadow, thank you guys so much! Glad you like it. :)

I tried to put in the marsh, meadow, tundra, coast and large river that was mentioned by you guys. And yes, the middle would be filled with large forests (like the cedarwood was, wildwood, red fern forest...) and such.

Maybe the back side of the mnts can have the dark forest? I wouldn't think the areas would be TOO different from what we have now.

1 - flower meadow
2 - marsh
3 - coastline (which expands the whole bottom so plenty of room for subs like different beaches, caves, coves, rock arches, small islands. The Lover's Leap and Turtle Bay may be a sub of the coast?)
4 - one large island
5 - Mnts "The Arc"
6 - tundra
7 - red mnts
8 - rolling hills
9 - berry Grove
10 - cedar/pine forest
11 - red oak forest
12 - tangled, Fern forest
13 - large river
14 - large lake
15 - Willow forest
16 - ???

I also did a kind of.. quick garbagey mockup type thing on my phone using some of the ideas that have already been posted, as well as a few of my own. Excuse my awful handwriting, and the fact that I put a lot more effort into the coastline than anything else xD


-Darker green areas are denser forests, but can definitely include tons of groves, meadows, etc.
-Sandy colored areas on the coastline are beaches 
-Brown colored areas on the coastline are for rocky beaches 
-Expandable North, South, and East. Especially if the mountain range was smaller/moved to another area.
-Would probably have to move the tundra and mountains further left to give us all more room in the middle.
-would need more water/rivers/lakes to sustain life.

Bunny-shaped peninsula:
-I thought it was cute LOL

-Various rocky/sandy/tree-lined beaches, teeming with life.
- Rodents, coastal birds, small creatures, beavers, sea otters, crabs, fish/beach spawning fish, seals, sealions, seal/sealion pups, carcasses washing up on shore are all potential food sources.
-In certain months, pods of whales can be seen in the distance or through the thick seaweed, rubbing against the large flat rocks in the crystal clear waters of the coves.
-Potential for seals/sealions having a pupping season of their own.
-Pools of small fish caught in puddles after high tide.
-Wading pools?!?!
-Fjord-esque layout.

Hilly area:
-Rolling hills filled with trees, birds, mice, rabbits. Perfect for large heards of grazing animals seeking a drink at the lake.

-"The Arc" because that idea was gold.
-On the edge of the map so that nobody has to be cut off from everyone.
-Butted a lake up to it, with a waterfall because Google pictures of mountains always have pretty lakes.

Red hills
-Rapid river flowing through the canyon might be really cool.
-Cliffs can be low in areas for jumping off of, and high/crumbly in areas for ~danger~

-Fast and slow moving rivers meeting the ocean, causing brackish waters as the fresh water meets the sea.
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just chiming in to say wow that's a killer map
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uhhhhhh kind of obsessed with that map, Pinn!!!! Holy crap, I 10000% support that.
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stick with those who stick with you
Also jumping in to say that's a gorgeous map, Pinn!
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Wonderful Pinn! Love how you added in "The Arc" and made a waterfall for it too!

Loving all the water sources off the delta.

Pinn’s map on point: check. :)
Also chiming it, totally LOVE that Pinn! <3
+ vote for pinns map! I love it!
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Thank you guys so much!! I'm glad that you all liked it <3
I also went through Pexels (a free image site) and added some pretty stuff to my likes. Possible territories/subterritories?
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