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Morganna Archer
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.... ooc name: becuffin
.... current characters: Morg & Sedna
.... how you found us: I live here (less often lately)
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): already done
....a role play sample (200+ words): This latest litter had been harder on her than both years prior combined. It was the first time she hadn't been antsy to leave the den, but all good things came to an end, and she couldn't continue to just lay about and hope the scowle would run itself as it had done up until now. It hadn't been that she was oblivious to all that had been going on, but that she felt she was better off keeping her nose out of it. Now, with Skoll's scent on the breeze in the direction of the wier, and the ever present threat of coyotes just beyond the borders, she found herself trailing after her brother, if only in an attempt to steal a few moments of quiet company before they parted ways.
What she hadn't expected was to hear Piety's name almost whispered on the breeze. It was enough to steal the air from her chest, her own steps faltering as ears swivelled and she allowed her nose to do a double take of the scents that had recently passed by here. She swallowed around the awkward lump in her throat. No, she wasn't here... so why was her brother speaking the doves name then? She continued to inch closer, more mindful of where she placed her paws now, barely making out the dark shape of her sibling and the bird that had come to rest in the rushes alongside the lagoon. Ah. So that was it.
Confident now that she wasn't exactly intruding on something she wasn't supposed to she strode forward with purpose to rest her flank alongside Skoll's and bother him, preening the fur about his cheeks and neck, fussing as though it bothered her to see a single hair out of place. She didn't need to bother him with words. Not yet.
and finally a bit about your character... Morg is back to get things moving for potential move

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