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Nilak rejoining
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ooc name: Nevermore
current characters: None
how you found us: been here before, originally maybe a Google search?
your character's initial physique life points (speed, strength, stamina):  Already on his profile but 115 speed, 80 strength, 105 stamina.
a roleplay sample (200+ words): The cold seemed to bite right through Nilak's winter coat, over the better part of a year he'd survived on his own through blizzards, rival predators and other dangers. Never really sure where he was or how to get back to his pack lands he continued to meander the countryside and it had begun to take its toll on Nilak. Out of everything the hunger had to be the worst thing in the young wolf's opinion, always present and, if you did happen to forget about it, as soon as you started thinking about it, it came back with a vengeance.

Nilak dragged his sore, stiff paws through the ever-deepening snow as he wandered a white wasteland. This area was new to him and, normally, he would've been dashing across the unknown countryside and smelling at all the unique and familiar scents. Now though, even though it wasn't as cold as he'd suffered through before, the cumulative lack of warmth had greatly diminished his spirits. The white wolf, nearly indistinguishable from the landscape, morosely lifted his head to the sky as he walked and sniffed the frigid air, there was water somewhere but everything smelled like water to him. Dejectedly lowering his head to the elements again, Nilak trudged onward urging his stiff muscles to movement and life. Nilak assumed he'd been traveling across a grassland by the odd patch of grass that would heroically show through the drifts of snow and the general lack of large boulders except for one or two that could be seen through the snow. Quite suddenly, Nilak's right fore-paw shot forward across the icy area in front of him sending Nilak spinning and scrambling his stiff limbs in a mad attempt to regain control and he failed. Nilak's back legs stretched apart painfully and his chest slammed into the ice beneath him as he landed in a sad and pain riddled heap on the cold ground.

For quite awhile the wind and snow blew across the wolf as he lay debating whether he should continue or let the landscape take his soul howling with the wind. After several dangerous minutes Nilak finally made a shaky stand and noticed a small cove that was somewhat sheltered from the elements. Nilak made carefully made his way across the frozen pond and curled up in the smallest and most sheltered area of the cove to wait out the night and the storm, whichever ended first.
and finally a bit about your character: Nilak's a good guy just looking to survive and, depending on what happens in Relic Lore, trying to decide if it will be worth trying to find his birth pack again or strike out on his own and live his own life.