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Vami, Ahh!! I'm so excited :) When we move over to the new site we can get the names all figured out, but I'm honestly just so pumped. I know you said Earthy colors for the fur, but did you have any general guidelines for eye colors? Peepin' around for wolf stock now~ I wish we knew what size banners/avatars were going to be for sure so I could do a couple up, but until then I'll just hoard everything I need. LOL

Please!! Nellie needs to meet her cousins! She'll definitely be going with me, so I'm game for a thread anytime <3 
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Yasssss. Very excited to have someone to rp with Oakley without that loneliness and starting up that first relationship or the opposite and having a huge family to keep track of. Having one travel buddy, which in this case is his sister, is going to be a good balance.

This is Oakley.
He has one blue eye and one green eye and some Iberian wolf markings. So, I would say eye color would be pretty free range and up to you as well. :) Other then the earthly usual tones or Sandy 'beach' tones, I think ima keep it open for eyes.

Vami, I know what you mean! That first bond is always the hardest one when you start up a new wolf. I think I'm going to go with some sort of green for the eyes to stay ~earthy~, but that might change so stay tuned! I've found a couple different wolves for stock, so I'm just all steam ahead!
Message me for threads! Especially if you've got an Archer or a Lyall!
Pinn - Woo! Okays. I'm excited to see what you go with. :)

I'm bringing Ferreiran, Seventeen, and Nymphnora to the new site and dropping Wyckoff and Salvador.

Also, if anyone wants to play Seventeen's siblings, you're more than welcome to! Left them pretty vague, so do whatever you want with them.

@Vaken's bro sounds promising! Might try to make him for the new site.
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@Ferreiran Cool! You're more than welcome to. I'm always kicking around if you wanna toss ideas at me :) There's a lot of room for plot ideas between the two. I can even help look for stock images etc and try and make some icons if you'd like. Just lemme know!

I'm totally open to any plots involving Vaken. Him, Circe and Ferr will probably be sticking together pretty close and up to no good so if anyone wanted some trouble: he's there.

I've been coming up with some ideas of Vale's character as well. I'm leaning towards making her a sweetheart, very trusting and friendly. Very family/pack oriented, a little aloof. She's not going to be much of a trouble maker. Maybe she can befriend a chaotic temperament buddy? I want her to be the voice of reason but also very easy to manipulate. I love the idea of this sweet wholesome character that just doesn't quite get it but tries really hard to do the right thing.

@Lachesis She's gonna follow after Kol like glue + any other possible littermates. If you have any ideas for their dynamic, shoot them at me!
currently travelling with Circe (she can jump in any of his threads)
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Well Vale sounds like a sweet little cutie. Judas can always take advantage of that.

@Vaken YES, I am definitely game! :B I love the idea of them being super close, and Kol being a little protective over her.

Also, if anyone is interested in creating a Slack group channel for the coastal wolves feel free to message me or @Lilya! Might be a bit easier to organize <3
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Is a long overdue response but I’m bringing Ayti and Hideki into the new site for sure. The rest are up in the air. I’m looking for people to plot with for new characters so if anyone is interested, I’m hella available.

@Lachesis - I’m particularly interested in the coastal wolves. Could I have more info?
All the info is in one of my earlier posts — not much to add since we’re all brainstorming characters right now. The only thing left to determine is why the left the coast to go to the new site, which is what Nams & I are working on right now.
sachiel has a photographic memory & associates moods/emotions with colours
fun fact: he hates the colour orange
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