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I'm game for all these ideas! @Arla and @Nams I'm definitely interested in getting in with this coastal family, perhaps another somewhat good friend of Chrokee's following suit? I would also love to see an OG family to start with too!
I've only got a name (or two) for my potential coastal wolf; however, as far as story, it could circle around the idea that they were born from the sea/there's a sea goddess or something that looked out for them? Upon their first year, they are sent to a certain place (potentially could take some kind of safe substance? lul sorry this might be getting away with things) in which they experience something which determines their place among the pride and/or family??

ill keep thinking tho.
(Feb 21, 2019, 08:44 PM)Sahalie Wrote:  Would people be interested if we had a family kind of like the Tainns at this new site? When row first opened there were like ~8 adoptable available

I'd be game for an OG family!

Also yes Arla and Nova I love it and Arya I'd love for Cherokee to have another close friend going on this crazy adventure with her (also any antagonists because she is quite quirky and easy to pick on would be appreciated too)
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As it is right now, I'll be bringing Judas. I'm sure he won't be the only Archer making way to the new lands either, but who knows.

Not sure how soon or later, but I'll bring Oakley Seacrest too. He is a shore wolf I made a profile for some time ago from Torbine. He would likely steer towards the coastals when he went to join a pack.

As far as OG families, I have an idea for that too. Lol but it wouldn't happen for another year cause he is only a teenager atm. ;)

However I am lurking on this cause I have ideas for pups/new charries to last a lifetime of rp.
I also LOVE the idea of doing a family w/ a bunch of adoptables. I'm super open to the idea of something happening (maybe more natural than "relocation" like the Bella Coola wolves, i.e. earthquake? uncontrollable floods? lack of food source?) causing them to leave the coast. Also open to the idea of characters/ideas and letting people have free reign with designs - shades of blacks, browns and greys are most common. I've never heard of or seen evidence of a white coastal wolf, so that is def not an option.

SOME INFO ON COASTAL WOLVES HERE: https://www.centralcoastbiodiversity.org/coastal-wolf-bull-canis-lupus.html

Ideas for names:

Parents (Betas): Naida Mizuno Female & Vance Cyprus Male
Offpring: Kolton "Kol" Aquarius Cyprus (click here for Kol & Cherokee), Vale Cyprus Female, + one brother? one sister? OPEN
-- Kol > brown fur with black muzzle/mask, stockings, ears, tail and sea-glass coloured eyes
* first and only litter
* will be YEARLINGS upon entering the new site
  • started from a pair relocated from the Bella Coola pack (see Niq'x and Blue for history on the Coola wolves)
  • primal? up-bring; very connected to the sea (and nature in general)
  • tighter hierarchy than the Bella Coola pack ~ Alphas, Betas > Fishers/Hunters/Guardians > Healers > Youth ("Guppies")
Starlight Cove, Fiordland Conservancy, Great Bear Rainforest
[Image: HIj6Uu7.jpg]

Info on Namara's character:
Quote:I decided to make Cherokee and her siblings half-siblings of the other Karp litter, because Karp had gone out searching for Natalia around the time I had brought her in. He knocked up Cherokee's mom (Adrianna) and she found refuge with a pack of coastal wolves shortly after and had: Cherokee, Colmcille, Achall, and Tuari. Cherokee fit in better with the coastal wolves (and is BFFs with a boi Arla is working on <3) whereas her siblings weren't content with their way of life, causing a drift to form between her and her siblings. Her siblings often bullied and harassed her so she doesn't really like talking about her family unless it's with someone she is really close with.

Between Kol's family and Cherokee's family there's lots of wiggle room. Of course, you could choose to be completely separate from BOTH famjams and create your own family line, or character, within the Cove pack. Were they born from another pack and ended up finding the Starlight wolves, like Cherokee's mother? Are they sired from the leading couple? Did they come from the Bella Coola pack? 

Poseidon Mizuno Male  x Cordelia Hali Female > both deceased
2012 litter: Delora Mizuno Female, Marlin Mizuno Male, Chinook Mizuno Male
2013 litter: Naida Mizuno Female, Odessa Mizuno Female, Reef Mizuno Male, Beckett Mizuno Male
2014 litter: Niq'x Mizuno Female, Blitz Mizuno Male, Pip Mizuno Female

Niq'x's first litter (2017): Blue Mizuno Female, Callan Mizuno Male

Poseidon's siblings: Tallulah Mizuno Female, Nereus Mizuno Male
Cordelia's siblings: Naia Hali Female

History: The pack was separated at an attempt at relocating the Bella Coola wolves. Naida Mizuno was one of the few relocated to the Fiordland Conservatory, where she met Vance Cyprus. Starlight Cove was born shortly after.
sachiel has a photographic memory & associates moods/emotions with colours
fun fact: he hates the colour orange


I just threw this together excitedly so can totally be tweaked if needed...

*EDIT*(02/25) — adding in additional info for most of the children listed below. Most of it can be changeable, just placing ideas to spark inspiration while keeping enough of the character to be developed further by adopter. May get some basic reference photos attached to some of them.

Parents (Alphas):

  • Alywn Delmare [Image: male.gif] — protector, noble, in tune with nature 
  • Nahla Cyprus - Delmare [Image: female.gif] — gentle soul, healer, highly in tune with nature, Vance's sister
                     *As parents, they make sure their children respect nature and regard it in the highest degree. They are gentle in raising their children with love and care, but firm on hierarchy and expect them to choose a role/path to keep the pack structured and healthy.


1st litter:

  • Genevieve [Image: female.gif] (Name meaning: "White wave" - named for having a more cream appearance like the top left photo wolf)
  • Riva [Image: female.gif] (Name meaning: "From the shore" ) — energetic, bubbly
  • Morgan [Image: male.gif] (Name meaning: "Dweller of the sea" )
  • Laine [Image: male.gif] (Name meaning "wave" ) — the carefree brother, "rolling with the waves" ADOPTED BY: Arya

                    *In this litter, groups could be formed(or not). For example, the two sisters could group off and bond closer together, likewise with the brothers pairing closely. Or one brother and a sister could pair closely together, likewise with the remaining sister and brother. Trying to give lots of room for development for everyone.

2nd litter:

  • Dorien [Image: male.gif] (Name meaning: "Of the sea" ) — protector, keeper of the rebellious son, problem solver, stoic
  • Kaito [Image: male.gif] ("From Japanese (kai) meaning "sea, ocean" combined with (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation meaning "soar, fly") — "problem child", prankster, the rebellious son
  • Vivianna [Image: female.gif] (Name meaning: "the Lady of the Lake" ) — prized as the lady of the litter with her two rowdier brothers, could of bonded closely with her age mate cousin (Kolton's sister).
                     *In this litter, the brothers could potentially be twins in turn having a very close bond, however, they both fiercely protect their younger sister who naturally can have a sweet, lady-like disposition after her namesake. The trio could be seen always traveling together. All currently available for adoption. This litter also has cousins as age mates (Naida Mizuno & Vance litter) and likely have a strong connection with them.

  • Both litters have gotten along well with the Beta offspring, but would acknowledge hierarchy
  • (see arla's bullet points >.<)
  • Nahla is Vance's sister.
  • Cove pack could have waited a year after formation before having pups to establish organization and structure.
  • Basically everyone apart of this family could be adoptable(parents & offspring), if they were to be relocated to this new site after being forced from their cove home.
Parents Karpos Slayer & Adrianna
Offspring - They do not have a surname as Adrianna does not carry one, and Karpos is not involved in any way in his children's lives. He doesn't even know they exist. I haven't developed her siblings at all with the exception of Achall, but their appearances should be tawny or have darker coats like their father - eye range from brown to blue.
  • Cherokee - Free spirited, rebellious, whimsical :: Light tawny (see arla's picture of Kol and Cherokee) She likes to go with the flow, has a sort of vibrant air around her that her siblings like to pick on her for.
  • Colmcille - Sister. ???
  • Achall - Brother. The antagonists; much like his father, he's stoic and hard set in his own ways; often times he picks on his sister for being very go-with-the-flow and as a result their relationship is strained. It's more than just wholesome sibling harassment - it's downright bullying.
  • Tuari - Brother. ???
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OohhhhHH this is coming together so well.

I have this girl here I'd love to throw into one of the families. Not sure exactly where she'd fit biologically. She's dark brown with orange eyes. Possibly Kolton's littermate? She's got similar fur. I'm leaning towards naming her Vale, but Nanti/Alda/Naia/Dew are all competitors (lemme know what ones you guys like?).

I don't have much of her personality developed:
- possibly neutral good alignment
- wholesome little sister vibe
- kinda annoying and nosey
currently travelling with Circe (she can jump in any of his threads)
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OMG guys I'm loving this! @Adelayde Vance could be Cordelia's brother? The only thing is Cordelia was the name of Niq'x's momma :P

@Vaken YES, she would definitely look like a sibling from Kolton's litter! I do like Vale and Dew personally <3

* adding into my original post, but Kol's litter would be their first litter (would have waited until the pack was settled and after the Alpha's first litter grew) and they will be yearlings
sachiel has a photographic memory & associates moods/emotions with colours
fun fact: he hates the colour orange
First of all, I would be so down for a "founding family" Sarah!!!!!!

Second, something I've always wanted to do, but have never really had the chance to do is make like a really religious wolf. Not like crazy obsessed, but more of like.. it's a big part of her and who she is, but it doesn't define her necessarily. Cela and Nellie both have their "Gods" but they're usually more of an afterthought, except for like.. casual superstitions and whatnot. I've just always wanted to write phrases like "The gods are angry with us." and "How fortunate the Gods favor you." I also want this wolf to be like.. really in tune with nature, and have her potentially make 'prophecies' based on what she thinks the Gods are telling her. Not like.. she speaks with the Gods or can ask them questions, but more of like.. sometimes they show her random things, or she gets a ~feeling~  that the Gods are trying to tell her something, (Not to be confused with the evil heebie jeebies like there will be no 'Ohhh I have a bad feeling about you.' just because a character has bad intentions. It will be more of a like.. she gets the feeling that something is coming type thing, or like.. idk how to describe it.) and she interprets them however she pleases, so it wouldn't be an all the time thing, nor would she consider herself any kind of seer. I don't think it would be entirely uncommon for the rest of the wolves wherever she's from. When a big event is coming up, or times are getting rough, she might even leave an offering. So basically she thinks she's really heckin in tune with her gods whoever they might be, and her morals are based around them. Perhaps I've just been watching too much Vikings LOL

I don't know anything past that right now, or if she'd be a coastal wolf or just a completely new character in general. Definitely willing to plot with people on this though~
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