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Pinn, @Judas and his kin, Macha and Ramiel are really religious with Moon Mother? Maybe you can find your way into that??

Or check out my @Oakley, who believes in the gods but predominantly takes favor the water and earth gods? His sisters can be made available.

Vami-Ooohhh both of these are good options!! Do you have any more info on Oakley's sisters yet?
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Personally I would like to keep their ties to RoW at a minimum, as I intended for their famjam to have no knowledge of RoW and be a “new family” (aside from the very faint relation to the Mizuno’s, but they have no idea who Niq’x and Blue are) :B
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(Feb 23, 2019, 02:14 AM)Sachiel Wrote:  OMG guys I'm loving this! @Adelayde Vance could be Cordelia's brother? The only thing is Cordelia was the name of Niq'x's momma :P

@Sachiel - Sounds perfect, I'll just edit her name so we don't have confusion! xD

I also updated my post here for more information on my adoptables. Most of the info(names, behavior suggestions, etc) can be tweaked, so if you had an idea for a character, we can certainly work something out. Just trying to get the inspiration flowing! <3

I don't have anything particularly set in stone for any of the sisters, just a few 'family guidelines', so they are pretty free-form.

Muriel and Cora are from the first litter, named after the sea. Meadow and Juniper are a part of Oakley's litter, naked after the earth. Any of the sisters would be some kind of good alignment - neutral good, chaotic Good, lawful, or even maybe a true neutral. The younger two siblings would be more likely any earthy colors, and the eldest two lighter hues like creams, gray, off-white.

By the time the site comes up, Oakley would be nearing one. So you can have a yearling or two year old. Perhaps an older sister follows him to keep an eye on him? Or an agemate sister comes forward adventures too? Maybe they believe in the story of the Gods just as much or they find it questionable. Who knows. :3

Vami - Ahhhh I really like the idea of an age mate sister, who is somewhere in the chaotic good/neutral range and off with her brother for an adventure! I think that would fit perfectly with the kind of character I was going for ;A;
Have you seen my OOC preferences?
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Pinn - Sounds wonderful! Then seeing how they grew up, she can be really religious and mention the Gods like you said you wanted and be really in tune with nature - storms, watching the tides of the Sea, plant signs and stuff?? I'm thinking since she may be like a seer, she can be like Oakley's support in a way, "keep him on the right path" and what not as they venture, seeing as he is a supposed reincarnation and what not.

Do you wanna go with the name Meadow, Juniper or have me change it up for one of your own 'floral' name?

Vami, I was literally going to mention something about her being there to keep him on the right path since he is who he is!! So I was super into the name Juniper, but there has already been accounts with the names meadow and juniper, so I thought maybe Poppy, Anise, Arbor or Dahlia?
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I plan to bring @Alvar and @Emmaline over and will probably put Alvar's Sister Elina up for adoption, if anyone is interested in playing her I may be willing to reserve her for you! PM me if you want to discuss this.

She has a basic backstory of being lost in a hunt in which Alvar had made a mistake and cost them the kill, she may have some scars and markings, but I'm not sure yet, by most accounts of their old pack, she is dead.

Feel free to take this info how you like if you want to play her!
Alvar Forsberg.
Pinn, We're on the same track then! And you can always apply for June, short for Juniper and see if that works. However, since we are playing them on the new forum, I don't think it would matter if Juniper was previously used? If anything, I'm partial to Dahlia or Poppy.

Also, if you bring Elenora at some point, Judas can meet up with his cousin. Same goes for Emmaline, Hawthorn. :)

I was originally just going to bring over Judas at first and wait on Oakley longer but now I'm excited I have him a little path going.

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