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occ name: Chantico
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Chantico :: Female :: Age 2 :: Great Plains

Her eyes a piercing, chestnut brown, her pelt starts to follow suit near her underbelly with murky browns tipped with snowy white. However, looking higher up to her side flank the fire that gave Chantico her name starts to appear, dulled red and ginger mixing with hints of grey to form her fiery, earthy look. She is of average size, both for her species and wolves in general, being 35 inches tall. He frame is not particularly large, but also not extremely dainty and fragile. Although being a good allrounder, her strength lies with her endurance/stamina and persistence, able to keep running or fighting longer than most, stemming not just from her physical abilities but also personality. A small nick is visible on her tail, a faded scratch mark from where a bear attacked as a pup.

Personality: -Chaotic Good-
Her name, Chantico, comes from the Aztec Goddess of fire, looking vaguely similar to a blaze in part. Her name does not stop there as Chantico also has the personality of a flame, always ready to stand up for what she believes in, not afraid to break the rules if she deems this best. Although occasionally she understands a rule she disagrees with, if the Alpha has earnt her respect, she will respectfully disagree rather than go up in flames. Often tired with the unfairness of society, she will always try to change this, even if she has to face the world by herself. Knowing better than most how harsh life can be, she strives to make the aspects of it we can control better for everyone else. In regards to others, she will often push love away, fearing that if she lets them in it will backfire, hurting herself or she will damage them. Because of this she often prefers or ends up fighting alone, and so thinks she must always be alone, sometimes leading to reckless behaviour and refusing the help of others. This could stem from when her parents tried to be together, to love and have pups despite the risk, ending in the bloodshed of everyone but Chan. Her fire and stubbornness is usually her downfall, however occasionally it can also be endearing to some if they look past the annoyance. She always tries her best and works very hard, perhaps too much as she can sometimes wear herself down or neglects personal relaxing time. Never one to give up, her drive and endurance is something to be admired. She has a selfless attitude, and would always stand up and protect those she cared about, defend the pack and pack-mates with her life, and help wolves in need. She has strong morals, but lets no one else decide them for her. From experiences in the past she tends to expect the worst of leaders, seeing the oppression some have put others under, some not even realising they are oppressed. Chantico will not naturally respect and follow an Alpha for no reason, often leading to resentment if they demand this from her, but once they win her love, she’d die for them as a friend.

History: Parents and siblings apparently killed I almost put ‘in a car crash’ XD by a viscous bear, Chantico only just escaping as she watched the cries of her siblings seep into the earth. Her distracted the bear to allow Chantico to escape, giving her life for her daughter, and Chantico ran with only a scratch on her tail, Since then, she vowed never to run again, inspired by her mother’s sacrifice, believing it would be an honour to die for what you believed in, even if everyone else told you not to. Being a pup of 6 months, she struggled to survive on her own, many a time going without, but her determination and endurance forcing her to keep fighting. Without a parent, she learnt the hard way about this world, but came out stronger because of it. Having recently turned 2, she thinks she is ready to face the world as she enters the lands of the ruins of wildwood.

Sample Post

”Please, my Dear, you have to go!” Her voice echoed in Chantico’s head, haunting her. Her mother’s eyes, always warm and maternal, now filled with fear and uncertainty. However, what Chantico could never forget was the regret littering her mother’s eyes, the emotion she tried so hard to hide from her daughter. Unconsciously Chan looked down at her tail, the once streaming red now nothing more than a faint pale line. Closing her eyes, she couldn’t help but think back, unable to move on while she was still in the lands of her birth. Every time she shut her eyes, for a moment and also in her dreams, the face of her mother appeared, as well as the cries of her siblings. Young Chan hesitated, looking at her mother and the approaching bear with wide eyes, frozen in place. ”GO!” her mother screamed, the savagery in her voice startling the pup into action. Just as she turned away, one more cry filled the air, then all was silent. Pause. That was all it took for the bear to come into vision, snarling, mouth dripping with crimson drops and saliva. She yelped, scrambling away, the monster swooshing in for the killing blow...but the young one squirmed out of the way, biting back the pain as the mighty claw collided with the tip of her tail, forcing herself onward. Making herself not look back.

Back to reality, while remembering this, Chantico realised that the memories that flooded back all the time while she was here was worse. Worse than the pain of leaving her family’s final resting places behind. Her steely eyes set, she forced her paws onward, on to the great unknown. She didn’t look back.