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Kitai Luther Emiya
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.... ooc name: Matcha
.... current characters: 0
.... how you found us: May have been here before :x
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Speed: 60 Stamina 30 Strength: 10

....a role play sample (200+ words): Breathe boy, breathe. The baritone voice echoes from the cavernous depths of Kitai’s mind. Y’see that hunk of meat? That’s key to y’er future.  Chartreuse eyes do not falter from the piece of carcass that remains separated from the rest. A rosy tongue brushes parched lips as saliva builds up in his mandible. Y’get that, you win.   Lids close as the pup slowly takes in the crisp night air. The oxygen enters his body quieting the unsolicited voice from his past. Kitai was lucky to come across two skilled hunters with such a tremendous catch. The duo was now deep in slumber after savoring their spoils of the hunt. As the boy’s skeletal body shifts into position, the tambourines inside his rib cage begin their mantra. First, they are slow long beats; as the earthen boy creeps towards the gnawed hind leg of some creature of a larger stature he couldn’t recognize in the darkness of the night. Gentle and calculating, Kitai aims to hold the leg on the thinner area, where the bone was exposed. A quick glance darts back at adults as he begins to leave the area, seemingly undetected. “Bunch of Eejits.” He snickers, trotting with confidence still holding his new found prize. The tambourines almost cease their chant, almost, until a figure darker than night itself emerges before the boy. “You didn’t think you’d get away that easy, did you now?”

and finally a bit about your character.... cheeky rascal