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Lost Souls Mend Broken Hearts — Red Fern Forest 
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Lost souls mend broken hearts.

The scent of dampened pine was carried through the breeze, catching wisps of falling leaves and seeds. Chantico limped onward, no longer trying to hide the fact of her injury, the fire girl growing much used to the companion who had been helping her. Chan’s paw much improved thanks to Lyrelone, yet still a little raw, a throbbing pain clutching at her calfs in warning if the female put too much weight on it. She didn’t know what to say, why the ash-or water-girl was helping her, at disadvantage or potential risk to herself. Chantico wasn’t quite sure how she could ever pay back, given that although she would never admit this, she would have been dead in a few days without her, by preditor or starvation. What if next time that girl isn’t here, then how will you survive? You have to learn how to take care of yourself she thought, reprimanding herself for not being strong enough, strong enough to help herself or strong enough to refuse the stranger’s offer of help. Because there was more to it than met the eye.

A small fire had lit inside Chan’s heart, melting away the fires exterior to reveal someone much softer, yet as soon as she realised she was doing this she always built her barrier back up and pushed Seventeen away by isolating herself. Yet she still couldn’t help but feel something toward her. Was that a dependency? If that is the case, I will be better soon she thought, consoling herself, yet somehow the girl knew that even long after she was healthy she would feel some strange need to keep seeing her, however much she tried to destroy feelings of dependancy, even of friendship. However, the more she tried to push Seventeen away, the worse it got, It’s like kicking a dandelion in full seed to destroy it, the seeds just get taken further she thought in frustration, kicking a dandelion as she passed, sending the fluffy snowlike seeds twirling into the sky. But, as she did this the female yelped out, as she had forgotten about her injured paw. Although mostly healed, the force she had attacked the seeds with hadn’t been so good, especially when she clipped her paw on the pine cone ridden earth below.

Crimson leaves were skewed across the forest, red ferns littering the small space of a clearing they had come into, while they seemingly purposefully barred the path of trails through this dense forest. Yet, there was always that one question. Why was the other girl helping her? Looking back, waiting for Seventeen to catch up after she had done whatever she had needed to do, before tilting her head slightly. ”Tell me, I know this might sound like a strange question, but why are you helping me? It has been of little convenience to you, even to your potential risk, so why would you help someone who was a stranger?”

Broken hearts mend lost souls.

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Seventeen loved the scent of this place. The faint spice of pine, mingled with ferns. As she padded along, staying close to Chantico just in case she required her help, the ferns softly prickled at her paws. It hadn't been long since the bees had mercilessly stung her leg. The fire girl seemed a bit better though.

It felt wrong to dwell on negatives here, in this place of beauty. She wondered who she would be if she grew up here. A kinder, less acerbic wolf surely. She may not be so pessimistic and mistrustful, with no cruel humans defining the earliest months of her life. Her mother and siblings would be more than just a vague memory of warmth and soft fur. They would have faces and personalities, likes and dislikes. She would know what it was like to have a family, wolves who would give their lives for her, and who she would give hers for.

Why are you helping me? To be honest, Seventeen didn't know. She could have attacked Chantico the second she saw the fiery girl. But there was something intoxicating about her that the grayscale girl just couldn't shake. After a long pause, she replied. "I just... Couldn't live with myself if I didn't help you." Normally she wasn't sentimental or humanitarian but she really couldn't.
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