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Aewyn Silvermoon
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OOC name: Akira
current characters: Aewyn
how you found us: I looked up Wolf RP games online
your character's initial physique life points (speed, strength, stamina):  Speed: 140, Stamina: 120, Strength: 100

a roleplay sample (200+ words): The wind howled loudly, sounding eerily similar to that of a wolf. The treetops swayed to the rhythmic rumbling of thunder, the branches shining in the faint moonlight and occasional flashes of lightning.
In the cave in the forest, sheltered from the elements by thick layers of stone, two wolves rested. One, a large black male with small streaks of white in his fur and piercing amber eyes, flecked with blue and green, stood pacing, a low and anxious growl rumbling deep in his chest. The other, a beautiful, slender, silver and gray she-wolf lay quietly, her amused gaze following the male.
"Something wrong?" She asked teasingly, her voice soft and elegant, matching the rest of her elegant features.
The male's gaze snapped on hers and he growled, his voice deep and husky, giving away the smallest hint of his anxiety. "Don't give me that shit. We need to get home."
The she-wolf stretched and stood up, her tail stretching out like a flag. She didn't even reach the male's shoulder, but somehow, she gave the impression that she was his equal- if not superior. The femme radiated confidence as she stood, steadily facing the male with a teasing smile. "Home is where your heart is," She said, giving her chest a small lick. "And my heart- is right here."
The male's gaze softened, and his stern face almost twitched into a smile, but he stopped himself, raising himself higher, to his full height. "That's great and all, but my home is in the mountains."
"Then we'll wait out the storm before going there, but right now, come lay with me." She murmured, turning around and settling down in the middle of the small cave, pulling her tail around her and blinking slowly, staring up at him. He sighed, padding over to her and wrapping his large frame around her slender body, pulling his tail around her. She smiled softly as he gave her a soft lick on the forehead, both their tails thumping softly on the soft dirt.

Name: Aewyn Silvermoon
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Physique: Medium
Strength: 120
Speed: 90
Stamina: 140
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Good
Nicknames/Alias’: Silvermoon, Silver, The Silver Tongued Devil, Pegasus, Princess
Fur Colour: Silver, white and grey
Eye Colour: Blue-violet
Species: Wolf
Size: Medium
Height: 90cm
Weight: 86lbs
Length: 160cm

Aewyn is a lithe, slender silver she-wolf. Her overall color is light silver, a bit darker than the color of the moon. The tips of her ears fade into a dark grey, and her nose is dark grey as well.
The tips of her cheek fur are also grey, and so is the tip of her tail. Her chest has a white patch, the shape of a diamond.
She walks with a natural grace, almost as if she is floating. Her back has patches of dark grey, in the shape of wings, with white in the middle, this, along with her light-colored fur and grace, earned her her nickname "Pegasus".
Her eyes, framed by long and thick "eyelashes", are large, round, and a stunning shade of blue, almost violet. Her large eyes and slender frame give her a permanent look of youth and innocence.

Chaotic Neutral(leaning towards chaotic good)
Aewyn is- and there's only one way to put it, a trickster. She is called 'The Silver Tongued Devil' for a reason. She is extremely charismatic and persuasive, and has a unique way with words. With her wit and charisma, she can convince and manipulate most to do her will. Take care around her- one minute you'll be happily chatting with her, the next, she's sent you on a wild goose chase for her own entertainment.
There's a reason why she's classified as chaotic neutral. She does things only out of interest for herself and her friends. Whether that be something big, or convincing you to do something silly for her own enjoyment. She is a free wolf, with disregard towards authority. This can make her hard to work with, because she likes to lead, and when she leads, she does it her way, or not at all.
Aewyn, although a trickster, is extremely calm and collected, although she will show her true nature around her friends- playful, cheerful, sometimes motherly and of course, caring.
Aewyn is, however, extremely loyal. Once you've earned her trust, she won't play tricks on you, and she'll stick with you through thick and thin. As mischievous as she is, she won't backstab you unless you've done something serious to her. She gives three chances, but beware, after one serious mishap, her trust for you may wear thin, and she'll disappear without a trace.

Aewyn was born via a harsh labor, both her siblings died soon after birth, and Aewyn herself was extremely weak. Nevertheless, her mother and father, already old and gray with age, did their best to take care of their only daughter and taught her how to take care of herself. One day, her father left on a hunting trip and never returned. She and her mother found his body, torn and bloodied, floating on the river, and buried him with heavy hearts. Her mother died of a broken heart soon after, leaving her only daughter alone in this cruel world.