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.... ooc name: WildOne
.... current characters: None
.... how you found us: Been here before :)
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Taken care of previously
....a role play sample (200+ words): If she was being honest, Tulip had been avoiding Solas too. Spare from checking up on him yesterday. The small ebony wolf was still embarrassed over their last private encounter and didn't know what to take of it. So many jumbled up emotions...She was missing him though. Perhaps that was part of why she had felt so inclined to follow him yesterday.

Today though, Tulip was stressed out. Did he no longer like her now His presence had been absent for so long. Even if they had encountered the new pack together it didn't help. She needed to know they were on good terms, but couldn't find it in herself to call him out. She needed his reassurance. Tulip feared his rejection gravely, and still didn't fully understand it all. Moonshadow had helped her, but she was still unsure. These emotions were too new for her and an aching in her chest didn't help. The girl whimpered quietly to herself.

Tulip moved across the boarders slowly, not feeling all that up to her usual boarder patrol. A frown tugged the edges of her lips down. Would if this was just how things would be between them now She wanted to apologize again but she didn't want to hear him say he didn't want her. That he didn't need her. Why did she feel she needed him? They were still getting to know one another...

The sound of approaching paw steps had the sensitive girl lowering herself, ears tucked. Her tail wagged slowly. Lemon orbs looked in the direction that her packmate was coming from. She waited submissively. If the wind had been blowing her way she would've know who it was, but instead she waited nervously.
and finally a bit about your character... Tulip is an unpredictable little thing.