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Pressure Vessel And Pressure Pipe Component quotation
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Quick Details
Model Number: BTQ-02D
Material: Stainless Steel, SS304,SS316
Technics: maching
Type: pigging instrument
Brand Name: XL
Connection: Welding
Design pressure:25.0MPa
Signaler type:Electronic
Head Code: Electronic indicator
Certificate: ASME U &U2 Stamp,ISO9001
Applicable Medium: Petroleum , Natural Gas,Chemical,Petroleum
Design Code: ASME VIII. DIV.1,ASME B 31.4,ASME B 31.8
Surface inspection should be carried out after welding
-Core installation:clean the surface of solder pads,check whether the needle swing flexibility;The core components of the right-handed into the solder pads,Until tighten up;install lifter assembly,Install housing,The set screw pretension to cover not bounce,But it can rotate as well
-Check:Check the power meter is immediate trigger information; if not the assembly of normal, or check whether the proper installation and re-assembly.
-L Open head cover, visible terminals, remove the terminal, connect the wiring according to diagram.
Pig Signals Indicators Product Feature
Signaler type:Electronic
·Auto reset
· Welding base material:user requirements, to meet pipeline welding performance
· Electrical contacts SPDT capacity:DC24V3A/AC220V2A,closing time 2 seconds
· Applicable pipeline diameter:150mm and above
· Max pipeline wallthickness:40mm
· Power:DC24V/DC 5V(battery-powered)
· Storage through time:10 times latest records,Full Time Format;year,month,day,hour,minute,second
· Record clear function
· Check any time
· Set clock:year,month,day,hour,minute,second
· Temperature range:-40-70℃
· Relative humidity:100%
· Easy to scale, hanging wax, containing hard particles diameter ≥2mm media cautionPressure Vessel And Pressure Pipe Component quotation