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The Fall of Man: Evolved Carnivores RP
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The year is 2755 and humanity as we know it is nothing more than a memory embedded in their ruined cities. Seven-hundred years ago, the HMN77 virus swept across the globe, infecting and killing most of the human population. As society broke down and their civilizations crumbled away, animals escaped from zoos and private collections to roam the streets. The easiest source of food for hungry carnivores? Dead and dying humans.

The HMN77 virus that was present in the corpses reacted differently in the carnivores. It slowly began to change them, giving them increased intelligence and allowing them to walk and talk similar to their former human rulers. Now, in the year 2755, the animals have evolved enough to become the ruling kingdom on Earth.

Humans still exist, but now the tables have turned. In these animal-run societies, humans are kept as pets or servants, and bred for favorable traits and temperaments. Some still live free, hiding in the wilds beyond the animal settlements. It took a war to put the animals on top, but now that the dust has settled between man and beast, something else is stirring in the shadows. Unrest, disagreement, and perhaps a cry for help. Two sides don't see eye-to-eye. Which will you choose?

The Fall of Man is a brand new Alternate Reality roleplay where the animals rule the world. We are a relaxed, friendly community with a lot of character opportunities for our players to come and explore! C: