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Aurora Heights — Official 
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Posted by Sahalie who has 612 posts.

The Wolves of Aurora Heights.

  • Current Leader: Kyna Argyris Archer & Greer Archer-Lyall
  • Established: April 11th, 2017
  • Location: Aurora Heights, Riddle Heights, Serpent's Pass, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Located on the north side of Riddle Heights, nestled between a stream and a lone stand of firs.
  • Den Description: Aurora Heights is due north of Silent Moon Plateau, where an amphoral stream runs near one of the local peaks. At night, the thin air allows a gorgeous view of the sky, as if it is the very window to all the worlds beyond this one. The ground here is rocky and sparse, but pines and firs still grow, making a breathtaking backdrop to the nightly show of lights during the winter months. There is a certain degree of magic here, if you can tolerate the exposure.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: White fir, ozone, and silver lupine grasses

  • Pack Colors: #4B0082 (Hushed Iris) & #afe718 (Borealis Green)
  • Character Alignment: Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, and Lawful Good

  • Allies:
  • Neutral:
  • Enemies:

  • Core Values: Loyalty, Strength, Aptitude.
  • Motto: "Rise and Rise Again"

  • Age Range: 1 - 5 years
  • Size Range: Small - Large.
  • Roles Present: TBA.

Notes & Trivia.

  • TBA