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The Wildwood Wolf Reintroduction Program
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The Wildwood Wolf Reintroduction Program

The wolves listed below are part of the wolf reintroduction program aimed to restore the canine population in the area. The humans have successfully trapped the characters listed below from the coast with the intention of creating a thriving colony in Relic Lore.

Along with the listed adoptables, you may also use the reintroduction program storyline for any of your own original creations! If you had previously claimed a character intended for the new site and are still interested in bringing this character in please pm SoW stating so and they will be listed appropriately.

If you are interested in claiming any of the adoptables please pm the SoW account with the following:

OOC Name:Character Applying For: Role Play Sample:

The Valle Family

The Valle name is passed along on both maternal and paternal sides, any family member who chooses to shed their surname for another will be cast out without second thought. Those who carry the name are expected to hold it proudly, and were free to breed within the Estuary pack as they saw fit. The leadership is not passed along to only the offspring of the leader, any Valle can petition the council to become the new leader when the old one passes. The members of the council is made of anyone who volunteers, however to do so they must relinquish any ability to ever sit as leader. Their sole goal is to continue the Valle blood living and ruling the Estuary, which means their loyalties really only lay with themselves. That being said, they’re not necessarily evil wolves and they pride themselves on remaining neutral in all situations.

However, all of their tradition may be about to change. Their pack was selected as part of the Wildwood Reintroduction Program, captured from their homelands on the coast they are being added one by one to Relic Lore. How will this change them? Will the Valle family survive?

Katna Valle (Played by becca)

[Image: MFBUT4B.png]

8 years old. Female. Dark Tawny. Brown Eyes. Large Size, Average Build.

The last leader of Clear Water Estuary. Now aging, her body has begun to decline as evidenced by her stiff hips and the limp that makes itself apparent in the coldest months. Her mate died many seasons ago and she never took another, throwing her whole focus into the success of the pack. She has always been seen as exemplifying the values of the pack, but things aren’t always as they seem. Not only has her body began to fail but Katna’s mind is also beginning to slip away from her. Her choices are becoming looser and less rational, her actions more unpredictable.

Iounia Valle

[Image: cZQkiIN.png]

5 years old. Female. Red Tawny. Orange Eyes. Large Size, Husky Build.

Italia Valle

[Image: Italia.png]

 5 years old. Female. Black. Yellow Eyes. Small Size, Average Build.

Iounia and Italia are Katna’s oldest children and though they don’t necessary look like sisters their minds are connected like they are a single canine. Raised with the goal of one of them taking over the pack once their mother passes they are both driven and focused. However, the right thing to do is becoming less clear and more murky as they scramble to cover up their mother’s declining mental capacity. It’s becoming harder with each passing day to protect their mother's reputation, and now they don't even know where she is. Will they decide to look for her, or is their opportunity to live their own lives free of expectation?

Venkat Valle (Played by dove)

[Image: Venkat.png]

 6 Years Old. Male. Red Tawny. Green Eyes. Small Size, Leggy Build.

Katna’s younger brother is her only remaining sibling, the others had all gone off to take wives and lead other far off packs or to become wives themselves. Quiet by nature Venkat watches from the sidelines, more than happy to fill the role of trusted advisor to his sister and the pack in general. It would be foolish to assume that he hadn’t noticed his sister’s decline, but, he has never addressed it. Now without her and the pack who he has always known he will have to find a way to survive.

Amondi Valle (played by Arya)

[Image: Amondi.png]

 4 Years Old. Female. Dark Tawny. Yellow Eyes. Large Size, Husky Build.

Of all of Katna’s children Amondi looks the most like her mother. Less ambitious than her parents and older siblings she is happy to raise her family in the security that residing in the pack provides. She served as a broodmother to the multiple litters the pack normally births each spring she is must softer than most Valle wolves. This does not mean she can be pushed around, when it comes down to it her heritage is very apparent, especially if any of the children are threatened. 

Rochus Ward (Played by Melorama)

[Image: Rochus.png]

 5 Years Old. Male. Dark Tawny. Gold Eyes. Medium Size, Husky Build.

Rochus is Amondi’s “mate”, though it was always a powermove in Rochus’ mind. He sees Amondi as overly soft, which made her the perfect target to cozy himself up to what he regarded as the most powerful family in the area. He puts on a good show of his affection and his wife is none the wiser, either that or she puts up with the falsity to provide a happy home for their children. The Valle’s loyalty may lay with the pack but Rochus has always and will always, do what needs to be done to make himself come out on top. Now it seems all of his plotting was for nothing because the family name means nothing when there is no pack to conquer.

Sita Valle (Played by Bryony)

[Image: gK7BE5K.png]

 3 Years Old. Female. Dark Tawny. Blue Eyes. Large Size, Husky Build.

Sita is the youngest of Katna’s children but, she has never been coddled a day in her life. She has a lot to prove and a competitive streak to show for it. Sita takes after her uncle Venkat and thinks herself to be somewhat of his apprentice, though he would strongly deny this claim. Sita would settle for being an advisor but had dreams of one day leading the pack, though she’s not stupid enough to cause a huge ripple doing it. Her mate Platon disappeared on a scouting mission shortly after mating season and hasn’t been heard from since.

Vasco Halex (played by Puppythief)

[Image: RloUhOO.png]

3 Year Old. Male. Light Tawny. Grey Eyes. Small Size, Husky Build.

Vasco has been pining after Sita since he laid eyes on her, even though he knew her heart always laid with Platon. When her mate disappeared he was first in line to comfort her, and their long nightly walks led them to become very close, close enough that there’s no way to be sure if Sita’s litter was truly a product of her marriage. Sworn to secrecy Vasco wouldn’t dare betray his unrequited love’s trust, but can’t help but feel jealous and resentful every time someone compliments the children on how they’re strong and brave just like their father.  And, it’s only a matter of time before people begin to suspect that Sita’s daughter looks strangely more like Vasco while her sons could be Platon’s twins. Now that he's separated from everyone who will he look for first, the love of his life who doesn't feel the same way, or his secret child?


Sharlee Valle (Played by Kai)

[Image: rTFHCsq.png]

Female. Oldest daughter of Amondi and Rochus. Dark Tawny. Orange Eyes. Large Size, Husky Build. General personality traits: Secretive, anxious, dominant.

Vayko Valle (played by Tasha, formerly Namara)

[Image: Vayko.png]

Male. Second born in Amondi and Rochus’ litter. Red Tawny. Gold Eyes. Medium Size, Husky Build.  General personality traits: Manipulative, conceited, appears to be very generous.

Andrey Valle (played by Arla)

[Image: Andrey.png]

 Male. First of Sita’s litter. Black phase grey. Brown eyes. Small size, lean build. General personality traits: Idealistic, imaginative, mysterious.

Viorel Valle (played by Ghost)

[Image: Viorel.png]

 Male. Second of Sita’s litter. Black phase grey. Yellow eyes. Medium size, husky build. General personality traits: Bold, cheerful, judgemental.

Xulia Valle (Played by Van)

[Image: Xulia.png]

Female. Youngest of Sita’s litter. Light Tawny. Gold Eyes. Large size, leggy build. General personality traits: Courageous, cruel, wise.

Modesto Valle (Played by Vami)Modesto looks less like the majority of Katna's pups, taking on the darker coat like Italia before her. She is a very determined and strong willed woman, taking her name and heritage with a serious pride. Her placement within the council is apparent. Though not to rule in the spotlight as Leader, she makes sure her ideas are heard amongst the pack. Perhaps because she is too selfish or shallow, she has not found a male yet worth calling mate nor has had any pups of her own. What little motherly affection she has is given to her sister, Amondi's children and Amondi herself.  Very protective of her well being due to her sister's more delicate nature and the fact that she can see right through Rochus' facade.  

[Image: mabel_by_becuffin-dbafpqz.png]