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Cub Adoptions 2021
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Cub Adoptions '21

Once again, Breeding Season has come to a close; please find below the litters of cubs that will be available to play in the next few months! Parents might have specified additional instructions to adopt their cubs, but when applying, please also include the following basic information:
  • Your Name
  • Current Characters
  • How many other pups you applied for
  • A Role Play Sample
  • Anything else the parents may have requested (ie. future plans, plots, etc.)
Parents have until the cubs are playable to find players for their cubs. If a player has not been found at that point, the pup will die. If a player of a cub goes inactive, parents reserve the right to reclaim their cub back (unless the account has made over 40 posts per our general rules). Cubs are playable three weeks after their birth date (listed below). Also new this year, parents cannot announce who will be adopting their cubs before April 18th, this is to give everyone a chance to apply before cubs are officially adopted.

Rhaegara & Leith: May 8th, 2021 (playable May 29th)
Aquene & Aleister: May 9th, 2021 (playable May 30th)
Vanadís & Viorel: May 18th, 2021 (playable June 8th)
Saga & Hudson: May 9th, 2021 (playable May 30th)
Clover & Viorel: May 13th, 2021 (playable June 3rd)
Kip & Aleister : May 25th, 2021 (playable June 15th)
Kisina & Aleister: May 8th, 2021 (playable May 29th)
Sita & Azra: May 9th, 2021 (playable May 30th)
Incus & Leith: May 31st, 2021 (playable June 21th)

Fool's Gold Chasm: Rhaegara & Leith

Enera is Rhaegara's pride in life. Born of a tryst between Rhaegara and the loner Leith, Rhaegara hopes she never knows her father. She will never even know his name as not even Rhaegara knows that. What she will know is the unconditional love and support of her mother and the support of her packmates. She will have the opportunity to grow up alongside Saga's litter and potentially develop rivalries and close friendships with her agemates within FGC.

Send your application to Tasha and Kristen, including a 100+ word sample as Enera (at whatever age you choose, under 1 year) and your interpretation of how she might develop in your hands!

  • Become a part of a mildly disfunctional family and play a dynamic where your character does not know her father!
  • RP with pack mates and help build the connections within Fool's Gold Chasm
  • Explore interesting pack dynamics
  • Customizable stats!
ENERA Rayvne.
Reserved by: Flywolf33

From a young age it will become apparent that the girl takes after her father, and Enera will be a pawful for her single mother to handle. She'll be a thief of hearts and steal their prey from under their nose while he's at it. She'll be able to talk her way out of any situation and her abilities would likely make her father proud, if not for the abject horror of having a child to begin with. Rhaegara will do her best to tame her wild child, but whether or not she is successful is completely up to you.

  • Only child
  • Chaotic Alignment
  • Medium Physique
  • White with cream undertones and a black muzzle with green eyes
  • Headstrong, Snarky, Hot-headed, Flirtatious

Sanguine Cove: Aquene and Aleister

Kateri was born in a moment of weakness between Aquene and Aleister after he met her on the mountain and offered her a home in Sanguine Cove. Neither of them really expected the litter to take, and it certainly was not the only litter that Aleister sired that season. However, they’d never let it show. Kateri will grow up being loved, and her mother will cherish her, keeping her close and always keeping a watchful eye over her daughter. Her father will do whatever he has to do to provide for Kateri and Aquene, Aleister will be a steady presence throughout her childhood.

Send your application to Tasha and Arya, including a 100+ word sample as Kateri (at whatever age you choose, under 1 year) and your interpretation of how she might develop in your hands!

  • New pack
  • Establish relationship dynamic with half-siblings born to Kip and Aleister
  • Complicated family dynamics!
  • RP with rest of the pack and help build connections for SC
  • Customizable stats!
KATERI Vuesain-Slayer.
Reserved by: Arla
kateri ava1 kateri ava2

Kateri will look a perfect mix of both her parents, sharing her father’s eye coloration with her mother’s coat and a nice middle build between the two of them. Sharing in a complicated family dynamic with many half-siblings to play with, how she grows will be anyone’s guess. However, the one thing that is certain is that she will be intelligent, outgoing and have a knack for stealing the hearts of others, be it teasing or genuine emotion, she knows how to play the game of love, something that neither parent could have possibly seen coming.

  • Only child
  • Any alignment!
  • Medium Physique
  • Black coat, blue and gold eyes (mismatched)
  • Flirtatious, Outgoing, Intelligent

Dead Empress Backwater: Vanadis & Viorel

The boys may have been conceived in a moment of romance without much thought behind the young parent's actions, but that doesn't mean they aren't loved. They will be raised to be proud of their Valle name as well as their Argyris-Archer heritage. They will grow and learn in a fledgling pack, surrounded by their parents, cousins, great aunts, great grandmother, aunts, uncles, and of course an entire litter of half siblings. Their upbringing is certainly not going to be conventional, and probably messy at times, how will they navigate their future?

Don't miss this opportunity to navigate the complicated lives of one of the Dead Empress Backwaters litters.. Send your application to Pinn and Ghost, including a 100+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any idea you might have for the future.

  • Become part of RoW's re-opening family
  • RP with pack mates, including extended family members
  • Explore the messy relationships of having same age half-siblings
  • They're cute!
Reserved by: Cade.

First born to Vanadis and Viorel, Eros will grow up to have a dark tawny coat reminiscent of his paternal grandmother’s, pale peach eyes to tie him to his Archer heritage. Unfortunately, he also grows to be tall and lanky, large in size, but not in stature. Chaotic Good, the child has an unrealistic tendency towards generosity. With a huge bleeding heart he will do anything to help anybody in need, although his plots for good are typically unfeasible and not well carried out. His father once teased that if he saw a hungry loner instead of offering food from the cache he would probably try to take down a whole buffalo solo.

  • Firstborn
  • Male
  • Chaotic Good Alignment
  • Large Physique, Tall & Lanky
  • Tawny fur and pale peach eyes
  • Generous, Goodhearted, Unrealistic, Ambitious
Reserved by: Flywolf33..

The youngest of the Valle children Archer’s appearance screams of his mother’s side of the family. As he grows his black coat will slowly phase to grey, with equally pale grey eyes that might remind some of his grandfather Skoll. Full grown he will be medium in size, and of average build, nothing to write home about. Neutral Good, he thinks of himself to be somewhat of his brother’s keeper, more reserved in nature than the older boy and protective of him. Despite seeing himself as Eros’ protector, he does indulge in more mischievous whims occasionally, encouraging his brother’s schemes despite foreseeing their failures.

  • Youngest child
  • Male
  • Neutral Good
  • Medium Physique, Average Build
  • Black phase grey, pale grey eyes
  • Reserved, Protective, Mischievous, Thoughtful

Fool's Gold Chasm: Hudson and Saga

Marrah, Caelyn and Aweho weren't conceived under any of the normal circumstances that would precede the birth of a litter. Rather, they're the product of a night of passion between Hudson and Saga that certainly hadn't had the intention of coming to bear fruit. Regardless, the Macieo trio will be raised with all the love possible from both parents. Come along on the journey that will be Hudson and Saga learning to parent together while they also further explore their relationship and interact with a plethora of packmates and agemates! This litter will also be given the opportunity to choose their last name once they're old enough, though they'll all start out as Macieo-Tainn.

Please send your application to Saga and Huddy, including a 100+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any idea you might have for the future.

  • Play with their chaotic agemate, Enera
  • Explore family scattered across the Lore, with a band of unique cousins in SC
  • Customizable stats
  • Customizable personalities
Marrah Macieo-Tainn
Reserved by: Ghost.

Marrah takes after much of her sire, with a dark base color and scattered smatterings of silver. However, in addition to the silver, lighter brows and creams are blended in along her back, neck and shoulders making her seems like the sun is always bearing down upon her. She's the only of her litter to take full advantage of her Tainn heritage, leaving her on the large end of the spectrum and solidly built. From her face peers two bright amber eyes. Named after her maternal grandparents Messier and Darrah.

  • Firstborn
  • Female
  • Up to adopter, though they cannot start out as an evil alignment
  • Large Physique, Tall and solid
  • Black, silver and brown fur with amber eyes
  • Personality: Historian, "Hoping to one day be a historian Marrah will love hearing stories about her ancestors, though she is a little gullible. She takes her parent's words as truth without much thought, but, she's smart enough to be a little more suspicious of strangers, only a little. Marrah also will develop an uncanny ability to be able to repeat the stories she hears almost completely verbatim, even if she doesn't really understand them, think good at memorizing, not so good at comprehending."
Aweho Macieo-Tainn
Reserved by: Bryony.

Aweho (Aw-way- ho), the second oldest in the litter, has a coat of rich chocolatey brown. Cream and silver color agouti markings onto his face, tracing its way across his sides and tail. A bright white slash of fur appears on his chest, trickling its way down to just between his forelegs. He stands on the larger end of the medium scale, built much like his grand-sire with a thick chest, stocky legs and powerful muscles. Like his father, a pair of ghostly stare back at you. He is named after his paternal aunt Awinita and uncle Veho.

  • Middle child
  • Male
  • Up to adopter, though they cannot start out as an evil alignment
  • Medium Physique, Average Build
  • Chocolate brown with cream and silver, silver eyes
  • Personality: Aweho is an intensely curious pup with four left feet. He is enamored with the seasons and the way they effect the flora. Herbalism seems to be what interests him the most and Aweho is more than happy to chew on leaves and roll in spiderwebs until he is an expert. In fact, the world around him can seem far more interesting than the wolves at times and, outside of his family, he may have a hard time making the connections.
Caelyn Macieo-Tainn
Reserved by: Arya.

Caelyn, the youngest of the litter, looks the most like his mother. In the lightening scale of the coloration of his siblings, he is the lightest of all. The base of his pelt is a light cream but the majority of his body is swathed in agouti made up of varying shades of grey and cinnamon making him quite the handsome character. He is also the smallest of his siblings, standing at a true medium in stature. If not for his excessive fluff, he'd likely be considered scrawny, but as it is he seems to be of average build all around. His gaze is colored a bright sky blue. He is named after his paternal grandfather.

  • Last born
  • Male
  • Up to adopter, though they cannot start out as an evil alignment
  • Medium, scrawny but fluffy
  • White with grey and cinnamon agouti, sky blue eyes
  • Possibilities: storyteller, guardian, or explorer (in accordance to their previous family history, but they can definitely be anything else)

Dead Empress Backwater: Clover & Viorel

The first litter to be born to Dead Empress Backwater, their conception was planned, but everything since then has been chaos. They will grow up with a litter of half siblings and many extended family members both in their pack and throughout the Lore. The children will grow up in an environment that treats them like royalty, as Valles deserve to be treated, but how will having their father romantically involved with someone other than their mother affect them? Will their birth bring seasons of plenty to the pack? Or be the beginning of its demise?

Don't miss this opportunity to navigate the complicated lives of one of the Dead Empress Backwaters litters.. Send your application to Melorama and Ghost, including a 100+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any idea you might have for the future.

  • Become part of RoW's re-opening family
  • RP with pack mates, including extended family members
  • Explore the messy relationships of having same age half-siblings
  • Get to rp a child biting Vayko’s tail
Reserved by: Sarah.

Violet inherits the dark agouti coat and orange eyes that are shared by many of her Valle ancestors, but thanks to her mother only ever measures up small in size. Lawful Neutral her small size does not stop her from having a big personality. Prim and proper, Violet is happiest when studying plants and herbs with her mother and finds the thought of rough-housing for fun ‘needless’ and ‘abhorrent’. She is very deliberate in her word choices and makes her intentions crystal clear, it would be very out of character for her to be caught rambling on about nonsense. Naturally selfish Violet truly believes that she knows best in most situations, and also knows that frankly, her and her family are better than you and you’re lucky to even be in their presence.

  • Firstborn
  • Female
  • Lawful Neutral Alignment
  • Small Size, Average Build
  • Dark Agouti pelt, Orange eyes
  • Proper, Studious, Deliberate, Selfish

Reserved by: Grey.

Oleander is a stark contrast in not just colour to his siblings but also personality. Inheriting his mother’s coat but his father’s eyes, he will stand taller than either of them, but will retain the lanky look of a yearling even as he grows into an adult. As an exceedingly confident wolf Oleander never shies away from the social life, and likes to spend his time amongst others, preferably in big groups. He has the same friendly nature as his mother and is always ready to jump in and help someone who is in need. Oleander also seeks out to learn as much as he can, whether that be herbs and healing, how to be diplomatic, or anything else that has grabbed his attention.

  • Middle Child
  • Male
  • Neutral Good
  • Large Physique, Tall and Lanky, like a yearling
  • White and Cream pelt, Yellow eyes
  • Confident, Social, Studious, Welcoming

Reserved by: Fig.

Marguerite or Margo as she is more commonly known as and will come to grow into a larger size than both of her parents, though remaining average in stature. Her pelt will start of black as night before phasing into a very light grey in adulthood, her eyes shine a dark amber like her mother’s. Chaotic Neutral, Margo finds growing up with five siblings, from two moms, and a pack full of strong personalities incredibly challenging. She never really had a chance to develop her own personality that she has confidence in and instead takes on the mannerisms of her current companion or friend. This makes group events beyond challenging for her as her biggest fear is being called out for all of her 'acting'. Unfortunately, she also avoids being alone because that gives her time to reflect on what she sees as personal failures.

  • Youngest of the litter
  • Female
  • Chaotic Neutral Alignment
  • Large Size, Average Build
  • Black Phase Grey pelt, Dark Amber eyes
  • Copycat, Self Conscious, Anxious, Cautious

Loner: Incus and Leith

Sirius is from the successful pairing of Incus and Leith, though because his mother also coupled with Scully, he will never know who his father was. He'll be raised alongside his two aunts, one strong-willed and wild ( Arcus ), the other much more soft-spoken and a bit of a worry wart ( Juniper ). He'll also be raised with his uncle, Jasper, who can be quite dominant and forceful but always does the best to protect his family. Join in on this chaotic bunch as they explore their parents' homeland and definitely get into trouble along the way and help Incus prepare to be a mom when she's pretty much still a baby herself!

Please send your application to Incus, including a 100+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any idea you might have for the future.

  • Lots of chances to explore around the lore and meet different characters
  • Explore family dynamics and be a part of a family with lots of Lore history
  • Half-sister in Fool's Gold Chasm that he knows nothing about, maybe they'll meet and swap stories of discovery some day?
  • Customizable personality
  • Customizable stats!
Sirius Leigh
Reserved by: Van

In normal circumstances Sirius would have grown to be on the medium or large spectrum, but because his mother knew pretty much nothing about birth or what to do during pregnancy, he will be born rather small and weak. This small physique will be carried out through his life, but should he keep this sickly demeanor or grow up strong and healthy is up to the player. The base of his coat is a prominent russet in coloration, likely stemming from his great-grandmother, Minka, and his grandmother, Lilya. However, the silver, desaturated coloration of his mother peeks through throughout his body, particularly along his face and shoulders, dappling along his back and tail. His entire body is overlaid in grey and black agouti markings with the same bright emerald eyes of his father.

  • Only child
  • Male
  • Up to player
  • Small Physique
  • Russet with silver accents and black and grey agouti
  • Up to player: recommend looking at the personalities of his aunts and uncles as well as his grandparents to get an idea, but could be completely off the wall as well

Sanguine Cove: Kip & Aleister

Sanguine Cove will not only be welcoming one, but two litters this season. As a new pack, it will be interesting to see how these two separate, but related litters develop together. This litter being born from an unexpected and unplanned moment of lustful admission. Aleister and Kip’s relationship remains uncertain, but both parents will be devoted to the children they’ve created, showering them with love and affection.  

Send your application to Van and Arya, including a 100+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any idea you might have for the future.

  • New pack
  • Establish relationship dynamic with half sibling born to Aquene and Aleister
  • Complicated family dynamics!
  • RP with rest of the pack and help build connections for SC
  • Customizable stats!
Reserved by: Puppythief.

Taking after Aleister’s looks and personality, there is no doubt Leo is his father’s son. Leo will embody his Vuesain ancestor’s temperament, though he may hold a short fuse courtesy of his mother. He will have a fierce desire to look after his mother and sister, though the rest of the complicated family dynamic will be up to the adopter.

  • Male
  • Medium Size
  • Dark Agouti Coat
  • Left Blue, Right Gold Eyes
  • serious, intelligent, observing, loyal, short temper

Reserved by: Wolfsi.

Lynx in looks takes more after his grandmother, Namid, though his personality compares to his grandfather, Vespertio before he met his mate in Relic Lore. The middle child will try what he can to get attention even if that means being a little manipulative. How he feels about his siblings and half-sister will be up to the adopter, though his loyalties will for the most part lie with his family. Lynx will most likely get under his older brother's skin with his antics.

  • Male
  • Medium size
  • Silver/White coat like Namid
  • Seafoam eyes
  • clever, calculating, trickster, manipulative, loyal

Reserved by: Winter

Stella will be a mixture of both Aleister and Kip’s personality, though clearly taking more after her mother’s looks. Black sooty face and muzzle with dark guard hairs along spine and chest, her goldenrod gaze fiercely contrasts her dark mask. With a complicated family dynamic, how she grows is uncertain, but she will have something to say about it at least!

  • Female
  • Small size
  • White/Cream/Black coat like Kip
  • Goldenrod eyes
  • sarcastic, fiery, reckless, follows the beat of her own drum, loyal

Loner: Sita & Azra

Join Sita and Azra on this awkward co-parenting journey! Azra has no idea what he's doing, and Sita is still looking for her other children (who now have children!) in Relic Lore. Azra and Sita are friendly, but not mates in any sense of the word. Get ready for a life with a paw in two different worlds: the dreamy, imaginative world of her father; versus her mother's strong family bonds.

Azra has never been a dad before and still grieves all the loss of his own father. He grew up largely away from parental influence (basically on his own after 6 months of age) and honestly has no idea how to raise or parent a children. His only real goal is to experience all the fun things he never got to. His parenting style will probably be very lax. Will he grow into the role of father, or struggle with intimacy?

Hazel is Sita's fourth child, but will be receiving more than her fair share of adoration. The experience of having her elder children whisked away from her was traumatizing and, while Sita is not a coddler, she may keep a more watchful eye on her youngest to keep history from repeating itself.

Please send your application to Sarah and Bryony, including a 100+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any idea you might have for the future.

  • Play a character with a rich family history in Relic Lore (Donata, Tainn, Aquila, etc) and be a part of the new Valle family!
  • Potentially meet 5! nieces and nephews in Dead Empress Backwater (awkward, right?)
  • Or meet up with your cousin! (Azra doesn't even have a clue his sister had a kid, too!)
  • Customizable personality
  • A million possible nicknames: Hazel, Haze, Hazey, Zee, Hazelbutt, Witchhazel, Witchy, Nut, Butt.
Hazelnut Donata-Valle
Reserved by: Pinn.

Hazelnut was conceived under some pretty unpredictable circumstances. Since her parents main objective was travelling on a loner's budget, their daughter will come out quite small. She is just as pale as her father, his father, and their granddad Ice that came before her. less decisively, her eyes have settled on a shade somewhere between Sita's blue and Azra's gold.

How Hazel will handle her up-bringing is entirely up to you! She will probably have a good-ish alignment, but what about a favorite parent? Will she enjoy the walks with her dad or wrestling with her nieces and nephews?

  • Only child
  • Female
  • Small Physique
  • Pale/cream fur
  • Green eyes

Kisina Donata & Aleister Vuesain

A spur of the moment gave way to another Donata being born in the Lore. Seri Donata is the only living son of Kisina and Aleister’s spring unison. He has plenty of chance to learn more about his rich family history or forge a path entirely of his own.

  • Explore a character from their earliest days!
  • Build up Seri with a loner mother and all the possible strangers they run into!
  • Explore the life of a single child in your mother’s first litter. There’s bound to be some bumps and hiccups along the way.
  • There’s always a chance you might run into your estranged father or many half-siblings...

To Apply: Please send a roleplay sample and any ideas you might have for Seri to Kisina and Aleister.

Reserved by: Tasha.

Physically he seems to take after his mother's side, unaware of his father's side (at least from birth), with tawny fur and yellow eyes that seem akin to his grandfather's and uncle's. Size wise he'll grow into a medium frame. Likely more on the lean side of things than now.

Lovingly named after his late grandparents, Seri is the only living son left in Kisina's first litter. Which means there's plenty of room for natural development. It's encouraged to explore his personality and way of thinking as he grows. Keep in mind the way his life will start, he'll be born to a single (and first time!) lone mother. His childhood might not be easy but there's one thing that's certain, his mother will stick by his side and do whatever she can for him.

  • First born.
  • Medium Physique
  • Tawny with yellow eyes.