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Left by Starclan
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Left by StarClan is a hardcore 16+ roleplay inspired by Erin Hunter’s Warriors series. It revolves around three clans: newly-formed EmberClan, flame-hearted FireClan, and capricious StormClan, who dwell in a coastal area based on real-life Washington State. We’re a sandbox-style roleplay, meaning that beyond the occasional site-wide plot, the plot is determined by your own characters’ actions!

-A unique, semi-realistic genetics system
-Various buyable mutations for your characters
-A built-in, DnD-inspired stat and dice roll system
-A hardcore battle system
-A unique setting
-A character-driven plot
-3 different clans to join
-A welcoming community

Interested? Join LBS at http://leftbystarclan.com![/div]