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Doon Plots
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A little bare bones at first but here's some plot ideas I've got for Doon:
  • New guy on the block
    So Doon's new around these here parts and looking for friendly faces, good times and someplace to maybe call home. Whether that's helping found a pack or joining a current one either will work. Getting to know this new, frigidly cold area and the wolves that call it home are one of the more important things on his mind right now.
  • Oh Sister, Where Art Thou?
    Loess is the last living wolf that Doon had a strong familial connection to and he's always going to be looking for her until the day he dies. Looking at putting Loess up for adoption within the near future (if that's a thing lol haven't check it out fully just yet) so if you'd like to play his sister let me know. Otherwise, if maybe your wolf had been anywhere within the southern/south-eastern area beyond Relic Lore maybe you ran into Loess?
  • Redemption (long-term)
    Doon's carrying a lot of guilt over what happened back home even though he doesn't show it. First he wasn't perceptive enough to see that it was his mother who was killing his father slowly, then he murdered his mother. Both deaths he lays squarely on his shoulders and, especially the murder, weighs heavy on his soul. Killing his mother created a kind of "water debt", growing up where he did water was extremely precious and wasting his mother's and this water debt is a big reason he's convinced that her ghost haunts him. Not that they believed in cannibalism but a life represented the most effective use of water and also every pack member was important as, even though there'd be more mouths to feed/water, there'd be more likelihood of finding water with more pack members looking. A lot of this stems from his beliefs and is quite nebulous as I've not come up with anything concrete but anyway he's looking for a way to alleviate his guilt even if he doesn't realize that's what he's looking for at first. This one is a bit more long term as what his redemption looks like I've not quite figured out, maybe he sacrifices himself for a pack/wolf or other some big thing that let's him feel peace. I'll be simmering on this plot for the majority of time that Doon is in Relic Lore but I'm sure that there will be wolves who can see the effects the guilt has on him. Maybe you've got a perceptive character who can see the effect of this guilt through Doon's subconscious efforts to hide it?
Well more down than I thought I was going to get initially so this is great! I'll add and remove things as necessary as time goes on but this feels like a good start. Going to drop Doon in the south-eastern area of Relic Lore later today after work and get him started but if you see something you'd like feel free to message me at anytime as I'm up for anything!
I'm interested in Berwyn and Doon meeting, he's new and is occupying Kingsfall area...I don't know if Doon would be willing to go out that way but I think they may hit it off :)
Hi, welcome! :D

You can definitely put his sis up for adoption.
You make a profile of the character and above her name in the bar that says character information, on the right it says
"Put this character up for adoption?"

Doon sounds really interesting! I love how much depth and thought you've put into him. It'll be cool to see what happens here for him.
I currently have Lila on the west side. If you have Doon in Hush Meadow I believe he's on the west side too.
When we made the map bigger I kept getting it backwards :X even now I'm like
Never, Eat, Soggy, Waffles while staring at the map, that typing this I'm like someone correct me if I'm wrong cause yeah xP

Any way like I said I have Lila and perhaps she could have run into Loess? Though that would have been quite a time ago if that matters. Lila is part of a pack, but recently isn't sure about sticking around but she doesn't want to be alone either so I'm just seeing what happens.
@Lila -Thank you for the help with putting Loess up for adoption! I'll get on that this week. I appreciate your compliments on Doon too, really the first character outside of D&D that I've done a ton of work on. I've not given Lila a look yet but I'd love for them to meet! I do the same thing with the map! Pretty much anywhere I'm at, real life and otherwise, Never, Eat, Soggy, Waffles is how I'm going to keep myself from getting lost xD.

If you'd think it was possible for Lila to run into Loess than that works, I don't think it'd matter how long ago it was. Feel free to DM or PM me and we can get the particulars down, I can get us something started in the mean time (I say mean time but it may be sometime during the coming week if I can't get to it tomorrow) if you don't mind. You can totally start too if you'd prefer I'm laid back so either way works for me ;). Thank you!

@Berwyn -I'd love to get our wolves to meet! Kingsfall is definitely a distance ;) I'm planning on having Doon move around quite a bit, even once he becomes a part of a pack so meeting is a definite yes. I was planning on bringing Doon up the left side of the map and then across to the right and back down. Feel free to DM or PM me and we can talk specifics. Thank you!
Speech,Thoughts. Feel free to give me a friendly reminder/bump if I've forgotten to post or a plot we've talked about!
DMs are always open.
No problem! Everyone is pretty happy to help round here.
That's even more exciting then!

Ok, no worries there. My time is a bit all over but I'm working on replies today so if I get one up I'll let ya know. I'll shoot you a pm either way. ^^
Hi there! Nice to meet you and your Doon! I have my new girl Isomne on the east side (in the secret falls area currently). I'm still getting used to writing her and figuring out where I want to go with her through threads, so if you'd like her and Doon to meet, I'd be down! She might even be interested in helping him search for his sister, or striking up a friendship or traveling together for a bit, depending on how any initial meeting goes. (If he hates travel and Is enjoys it that could be fun, idk)

Let me know if you'd like to thread any time!
Just going to give this a gentle bump as all these goals are still very valid and what I'm looking for! Anyone still interested in doing stuff we talked about feel free to get a hold of me or I will be as time goes on to see if any of you are interested still in going through with these.
Speech,Thoughts. Feel free to give me a friendly reminder/bump if I've forgotten to post or a plot we've talked about!
DMs are always open.
Heya there! Welcome back! I have a few characters to choose from, though only a few are more flexible in location!
  • Aleister is my main man and is the leader of Sanguine Cove along the Lost Lake. He's always free to meet to wolves anywhere along the Serpent's Pass, though until winter he wouldn't stray too far from that area. 
  • Lynx is one of my two younger boys who is the son of Aleister and is also in Sanguine Cove. He's a curious dude and he might be getting permission to wander a little further from home in the next few weeks. 
  • Caelyn is my second baby boi who is one of the pups in Fools Gold Chasm in the Red Fern Forest. He's a little more eccentric and is always willing to meet new wolves. He is also likely to wander a little more in hopes he could find his brother but won't go too far. 
  • Seiche is my sea witch lady who has a foul pirate mouth and loads of passion. She is one of my newer characters, so she is one of the few that can really be anywhere on the West side.
  • Amondi has just came back and I haven't been able to put her anywhere yet. She is friendly lady who can be very naiive and is a sweet girl who needs some real friends. 
I am always looking for new threads, so whoever you are interested in let me know! <3
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@Aleister Yes to all of these! The pack ones I'd like because Doon needs a place to call home again so either of those sound good to me. I think he and Amondi would get along nicely, he's looking for some friends and wolves to call family so that could be a natural fit. I thought him and Seiche would be interesting, Doon doesn't have that bad a mouth on him but I thought it'd be really fun to bring your sea witch and my western boy together!
I feel like maybe Amondi would be the best right now, at least to get started with anyway? I was going to drop Doon someplace in the North/ Northeast-ish to bring him back in if that'd work for Amondi too? If not let me know and we can work it out. Thank you! <3 A lot of the same stuff we messaged about in a PM where we talked plots XD
Speech,Thoughts. Feel free to give me a friendly reminder/bump if I've forgotten to post or a plot we've talked about!
DMs are always open.
Hello, welcome back. I have a few Characters too that I'm always looking for threads for.

Avella: Is usually found in Willow Ridge, Drooping Willows. She is working to start a pack and currently traveling to SC and DEB with Hagar. She will he returning the the willows around the 1st. So Doon can meet her while she is traveling or after she returns.

Oksana: Is a member of Sanguine Cove in Lost Lake. She doesn't usually travel too far from there but does leave pack territory on occasion so can meet new wolves anywhere around Lost Lake.

Kajika: Is my old man and a member of SC as well. He doesn't go far from the pack really at all. However anywhere close to the border would be cool to meet him.

Kateri: Is Aleister and Aquene's daughter. She is currently nursing an injured leg so she doesn't go far from the borders either. However as of now she is building the strength back up. I would live for her to meet more new wolves.

Sharlee: Is my Dead Empress Backwater. She has some freedom and had been wandering around the heart and going a little further from home. So threads with her can take place almost anywhere.

So let me know who you might like for Doon to meet. My DM's are always open.