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transfer log
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if staff already have this goin' somewhere then my bad, but i've yet to come across a simple way to see who all a wolf has been played by, much less get exact dates and/or details. i think it'd be pretty relevant to have some kind of log, even if its just a thread that gets posted to/updated each time an account is transferred. for instance i have no idea who chan or erebos were played by before me or even where their posts ended and mine began, given how long ago everything happened. or like, outside of making a note out on my little profile, there's nothing tying me to my first-ever account and posts (eek).

it's nothing that's super important, but would be nice to have imo. (:
We could definitely try to implement something like this. It would probably just be a note on the character profile by staff that the character was transferred from x player to x player on x/x/xx, just to keep track of it that way. We’re discussing it now c:
awesome, thank you!