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May Update!
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It's Gonna Be Already May

So what does this mean for all of us? Well first and foremost: puppies! Mothers please be sure to know the birth date of your litter, and just some reminders regarding these threads:
  • You may not back date or pre date birth threads. The day the thread is posted is the day the spawns are born. If you absolutely must post your thread early due to in real life constraints, please message staff to get special permissions!
  • If the mother goes inactive during the month she’s supposed to give birth the other parent has until the end of the month to write a thread where the Cubs are “found”
  • Labour may be described graphically but please mark your thread {M} accurately
  • Cubs are playable 3 weeks after the birth thread is posted

But, it also means that it's contest time!

Posting Contest

For the month of May, RoW will be hosting a posting contest! The contest will run for all of May, and the top 5 posters (players, not characters) will receive a special RE for the character of their choice. So go forth, have fun, and post away! The winners will be announced May 31st at 9pm and you can keep an eye on the standings here!


Congratulation to Pinn for winning MoTM! And Sarah for winning WoTM with Azra! Azra will be our discord avatar for the next month to show off his handsome mask.