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Ridge (Sachiel)
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let's try this again...

.... ooc name: arla
.... current characters: andrey & legolas - seq & kateri soon
.... how you found us: i never left
.... your character's initial fight stats: already set
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Ever since he had arrived in this place Ridge had this nagging, annoying feeling deep in his gut. It clawed hungrily at his insides, trying desperately to tell him something, but the boy was not listening. He was tired, he was hungry, and he needed to find somewhere to rest his weary paws temporarily. Just long enough for him to catch up on his sleep and maybe find something to eat. Hell, he’d even accept vulture food right now. He was far too hungry to be picky about his meals. However, his hunger was his own fault, as he put the miles beneath his feet ahead of the meat inside his stomach.

He travelled as though he had somewhere to be, but Ridge did not know where he was headed. He hoped that if he kept moving that something would become familiar, but the static where his memories should be remained.

A meadow opened up before him, the remaining snow of winter crunching beneath his toes as he continued forward. It was quiet here—which made the static in his head that much louder—and would suffice as a resting place until his paws were ready to keep moving. A heavy sigh rolled off his tongue as he sunk against the frozen ground, his legs folding clumsily beneath him. He could practically hear his paws screaming their relief as he allowed the silence to consume him. Another sigh came; this time it was a sigh of relief.

and finally a bit about your character.... Ridge just trying to figure out who he is because he can't remember.