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Isomne Plots
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Hello! I've just jumped back in with my girl Isomne and am seeking some connections and possible plots for her. Currently she is in eastern relic lore, near the secret falls. She's still pretty young at two years, good natured and cheerful, still finding out who she is, but already quite confident in her talents and art as a performer. She's not quite as confident in herself the moment she steps out of a 'role' and is still coming into her own. I would love for her development to happen organically, so I'm seeking pretty much any kind of thread or plot that helps me develop her. Here are a few ideas I have, if any of them sound like a good fit to you or you have any other ideas, please don't hesitate to hit me up!

- Does your character need a travelling companion to help keep their spirits up (or perhaps annoy you a little with their incessant upbeat spirit and singing?) Isomne will likely do some travelling before settling with a group or pack, so that she can learn a little about relic lore and the wolves that call it home, but she would definitely prefer to share the journey with someone rather than going it alone. Perhaps they stick together for a while or perhaps only for a thread or two, but I would definitely like this phase of her life to leave her with some connections around different parts of relic lore.

- Have something you want to spread the word about? Isomne can compose a song or poem to help convey whatever you wish - how wonderful life is in your pack, how imposing and powerful your leaders are, how much you treasure that certain someone... whatever it might be, she would be more than happy to put her skills to use and help your cause. She's looking for any opportunity to employ her skills for others.

- let's be dramatic together - does your character know a song or dance, or have a tale to tell? She would love to hear it, and to maybe even have someone to geek out about her chosen profession with

- I would really love for her stubborn optimism and belief that others are intrinsically good to help someone else choose to be better, too. If you need a friend to nudge your haunted character toward redemption, or your edgy kid toward being a little less edgy, she might be the girl for the job.

- she's not so good at y'know, like hunting or dealing with rude peeps so that could be something for her to get a lesson in and/or have to learn the hard way

- she's into girls. Not really looking for any serious romance plots rn, but she might get a little crush at some point.

- I would be open to characters having family in common/met before, just hmu about it if you want to meet but don't like meet and greets and we can figure something out, that gives a shared connection to work from!

- long-term I see her as potentially a teacher, historian, &/or part of a nomadic group of performers

- more to come.
i think Leviticus would absolutely adore her & her profession!! in fact he's an 'artist' so seeing someone else in a (for him) non-traditional creative role would really inspire him. he's in the lowlands now and will hopefully be going to the East, are they at all close??

I also have Chan who is a friendly soul with lots of traveling experience, I have no idea how Woya would react but she's on pause until FGC is official anyways, and Scully isn't really redeemable but an attempt could be made.
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Ooh, Leviticus definitely sounds like they would hit it off, Isomne would love to see other forms of art as well! She'll probably be in the east/northeast for a bit so we should have them meet whenever he heads that way, if he does.

I'd be down for a thread with any of them, if any of your characters are currently near the vale of secrets... Scully could be fun too? Isomne is the sort who would try to make anyone smile, even if its a challenge.

Anyway, yeah, I would totally be up for threading now or later if that fits your characters agendas better :)
I have Dunkan if youll like!
Dunkan can be a quiet rude and indifferent wolf, his thoughts and attitude doesn't reflect those of his roleplayer's!
It looks like Isomne is a few days of travel away from Dunk currently, however when they are close enough on the map I would be happy to thread! She is currently travelling with Alarick in the Spectral Woods while it looks like Dunkan is up at Turtleback Lake. Al and Is are probably headed north, so we should definitely thread when we get the chance in the future, I'll try to send a message your way if I see they are close together on the map, and feel free to lmk too :)
I also have a new character who can travel easier! @Nikita
Dunkan can be a quiet rude and indifferent wolf, his thoughts and attitude doesn't reflect those of his roleplayer's!