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i hope you like your name [m] — Sanguine Cove 
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Sanguine Cove VII. Subordinate
Mavis Kipley
Open to anyone in Sanguine Cove, but tagging @Aleister for visibility c:

It was a mild day, warm and sunny, and soft, fluffy clouds scattered across the otherwise very blue sky. That was one of the good things about living on a mountain, Kip thought - the sky always seemed much closer than it did from the valley. And normally, she'd be resting on a day like this, but she had honestly felt pretty good this morning, so she'd wandered a bit. Not too far, because she was heavily pregnant and she definitely wasn't stupid. But it was far enough that she became immediately alarmed when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, followed by something very wet on her hind legs.

She didn't know a lot about birth - just that it was supposed to be painful, and it could last several hours. At some point, she probably needed to push these pups out, too, and she was not looking forward to that particular part. Honestly, she wasn't looking forward to any part of this, except the whole... being done bit.

Kip groaned softly and waddled back to her den, squeezing in and curling up toward the back. The sharp scent of iron invaded her senses in the enclosed area - was she bleeding? - and she gagged a bit, looking back at her lower half. Sure enough, along with the weird liquid, there was blood clinging to her white fur. Her hips and stomach both ached and cramped, her flanks rippling with contractions. It didn't occur to her to call for help, but perhaps someone would be nearby anyway. It wasn't as though she particularly craved anyone in the den with her, but it'd be nice to have someone near, just in case.
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Sanguine Cove IV. Second
Moonshadow Eastfall
I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

More cove babies! <3

It didnt seem at all possible but the tiny cream colored woman had grown even more over the last few days. The experienced dark mother knew all too well that it would only be a matter of time before the last of the cove pups would be here. With knowing this the inky woman tried to not stay too far while continuing to split her time between the new mothers. She brought @Aquene more food than anything else, knowing how hungry she had been after she gave birth. Moonshadow also brought Kip food along with pelts and herbs. The pineapple weed they had collected seemed to really help her keep her food down which delighted the Eastfall woman. Todays delivery consisted of some more pineapple weed as well as some sweet grass. Namid and Neha had brought her some, as well as Aquene reminding her how helpful it is during birth.

Large black paws made their way through the rocky territory at an easy pace until the scent of blood reached her snout. Panic washed over Moonshadow as she quickened her pace. She arrived at the small birthing den quickly and mercury orbs scanned the area. The scent of blood led to the entrance and into the den. Kip hadn't called out but silver dusted orbs easily heard her within the den. Setting down her delivery, Moon separated the sweet grass from the pineapple weed, there was no need for the latter now. Gently picking up the sweet grass between her onyx jaws Moonshadow hesitantly approached the mouth of the den. She let out a whine to alert the laboring mother within of her presence. She gently placed the herbs at the mouth and nudged them with her nose closer so if Kip wanted them she wouldn't have to go as far to reach them. Once she did this she moved a respectable distance from the entrance and let out a call for Aleister in case he wasnt near by. Once her call finished the seasoned mother laid her large frame down facing the entrance as she had when Aquene gave birth. Her heart raced and she hoped with all her being that Kip would not endure what she, Namid and now Aquene had. Losing a child was something Moonshadow would never wish upon another, even her worse enemy.

Word Count: 000
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Sanguine Cove I. Leader
Chan Eastfall
Much like his mother, and likely the other men in the pack, Chan's time was largely focused around providing for the new mothers as well as the rest of them. Tracking down food and useful plants contributed to their caches, and in between he was thankfully able to chat with the others, even if it wasn't ever about anything too deep. There wasn't much time, but at least he could see and hear that all in all, they were each okay and healthy.

Even as life continued to take it's toll.

His mother's call didn't sound as confident as it usually did, a tinge of worry infecting it. His paws brought him quickly to the den site. Seeing that for now it was only the two of them, he approached the entrance rather than hanging back.

"How're you doing Kip?"
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Sanguine Cove III. Second
Aleister Vuesain

Shaking his head violently to stop his eyelids from falling down over his eyes again, the new father was tired to say the least. Keeping tabs on not only one, but two woman had been tiresome, but now that one of his unexpected lovers gave birth the work had only just begun. The man barely slept, which was his own fault for getting himself into this mess in the first place. However, he did what he had to support both mothers, not only as their leader, but as a partner and father to the pups they bore.

With Aquene giving birth, Aleister now knew what to do when Mavis gave birth and how they may have to endure the unthinkable together. The new father regularly checked in with the new mother and their surviving little girl, but he kept tabs on Mavis as well. Keeping near to them at all times, he rarely let either of them out of his sight for more than hour. This time though, he slipped up.

Luckily he wasn’t far and was able to smell it before too long. Rushing to her birthing den they dug out, he was almost there when he heard Moonshadow’s call. Cursing to himself that she beat him to the scene once again, Aleister pushed onwards until he had them in his bicolored gaze. Greeting both Moonshadow and Chan with a weak smile, he approached the entrance moving to the other side of Chan as he asked how she was doing. “I’m here,” he said breathlessly, his nerves getting to him this time. Would what happened to Aquene and him happen again with Mavis? Would they lose more children? “We’re all here, you’re not alone.”

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Sanguine Cove V. Subordinate
Nash Eastfall
Nash heard his mother's call and even though it was for Aleister, he jumped to his feet and rushed to find her. He suspected to cause for the call, which only served to lend wings to his feet. He was pleased to find not only his mother and Aleister, but his brother there as well. Good. If he was invested in pack events, especially the loves of the little ones, maybe Chan wouldn't be so eager to leave.

Damn, that was a selfish thought.

Nash slowly approached, nodding respectfully to the new father and once again joining his own blood family to wait out the new birth.