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Marlow Fiske
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.... ooc name: Jacq
.... current characters: None
.... how you found us: Been here before
.... your character's initial fight stats: Ghost
....a role play sample (200+ words):

The crunch of crisp leaflitter beneath her paws caused her ears to prick as she stalked beneath the bowing willow tree branches. The warm breeze that had brushed through her thinning warm-weather coat had suddenly turned bitterly cold. The chill of it against her pale skin caused a shiver to run down the length of her spine and set her fur on edge. Above the green tendrils of the drooping canopy, the afternoon sky had turned dull and cloudy. Marlow could only assume a storm was brewing, so immediately sought shelter beneath the gnarly, twisted roots of a weathered willow tree.

Curling up tight within the confines of its protective roots, with her black-tipped tail tucked up over her muzzle, bright amber eyes kept watch over her immediate surroundings. As time passed, and with the temperature continuing to drop, the agouti female could not help but wonder just how cold the nights got in the foreign lands. Deciding that she would stay put for the remainder of the night and sleep through the approaching storm, Marlow allowed her eyes to grow heavy as darkness descended, unaware that she would later wake to a cold, frosty surprise as snow began to settle upon the canopy above.

and finally a bit about your character... It's always the quiet ones you need to watch out for...