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.... ooc name: Winter
.... current characters: Isomne
.... how you found us: very well thank you
.... your character's initial fight stats: Power House
....a role play sample (200+ words):
The rain bore down relentlessly, as it had for the last several days, soaking into Isomne's fur and muddying her to the bone as she slogged through the mud on her travels. It had been longer yet since she had seen anyone else - she had opted to travel through the dense forest rather than along the barren mountain paths, hoping that the canopy would provide some shelter, but the shadows were thick here and the dripping rains and cold mists left the place in a state of dismal, perpetual twilight that had begun to weigh on her. The only sound was the endless, low sound of the rainfall and the squelching of her own footsteps on the saturated earth. not even a bird to sing how-do-you-do, or to scold her for coming to close to its nest and break the awful monotony of it all.<br><br>

She had to be getting closer... she'd heard grandiose tales of a region known as relic lore, and it sounded like just the sort of place her parents had hoped for her to find. Perhaps, once she got there, she could find a way to send for her family! The thought cheered her enough to lighten her steps a little, and after a moment she began to sing to herself, the clear tone cutting through the grey like a ray of sun, bittersweet but bright.<br><br>

"Who knows why the butterfly
flies lighter than th' air?
Oh but for my heavy heart,
could I too dance there?"

and finally a bit about your character... A brash and instinctive fighter looking to change his fate. "Only you get to decide your own worth"