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every star fall — Sanguine Cove 
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Mavis Kipley
RE - Kip, you saw a shooting star land somewhere nearby, and when you get close enough you find an oddly glowing rock
AW - open to one other!

It was getting dark out. Kip had yet to leave her den for very long - though the birthing process and carrying the little monsters had been a nightmare, she did find that she was pretty fond of the three little pups that were currently asleep underground. Tonight, however, she wouldn't be joining them for a while. Her attention was drawn upward, to the twinkling stars in the distance - they were so easy to see from the thin air on the mountaintop, and she consistently found herself soothed by them.

There were even some shooting stars tonight, traveling across the purplish expanse of sky and vanishing somewhere, fizzling out into nothingness. She'd seen a great many of them throughout her life, but some of these seemed brighter than usual.

Like... this one in particular. The light was intense, burning her eyes to the point where she had to briefly close them until it passed. The thud of it hitting the earth shook the ground beneath her paws, and her eyes widened in shock. Some of the elders had told stories of stars falling to earth, but she'd never thought they were true.

Kip was on her feet before she realized it, casting one glance back to make sure the pups were alright before bolting after the star. She skidded to a halt right beside the small crater it had created, and her breath stuttered in her chest. At the bottom of the newly-formed hole was a stone, glowing bright yellow in the twilight, just like the stars above them. Briefly, the little wolf was stunned into silence, staring wide-eyed at the glowstone at her feet.
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Aleister Vuesain

The brand new father was just finishing with a late border patrol before heading back to the heart of his territory to check on all his children and their doting mothers. His talk with Chan was informative to say, learning a few things during that early morning chat. Perhaps, he should have thought harder on his first interaction with Aquene. Thought more about her future. Next year, he would seal himself inside the communal den for the whole month if he had to, but Aleister wasn't going to be that man again. Now that he had all the cubs he desired. 

As he was winding a bend, fixing his mismatched gaze upon the den where Mavis and their children currently stayed. Al couldn't help to always be in awe of the view he was gifted at night within the mountain valley. And tonight was just as spectacular with the millions of stars shining brilliantly above his home. As his gaze drifted back down to the den he was approaching, he spotted the white foam of Mavis sprint off and away from the den. 

Panic and worry ran through him as he rushed to the den entrance first to check on the three slumbering cubs still fast asleep inside the dark depths. Good, they were fine, so now the Vuesain turned his attention to the alabaster female that was heading further away from the den. Chasing after her, he prayed he would be caught up to her quick before they got too far away from the den. Aleister didn't want to leave his children alone for long, but he had to find out where and why Mavis was running this late at night.

"Mavis!" He called out in a hushed tone in fear of waking the triplets. Where was she going? But as he came along her flank, he spotted it. Aleister was speechless as he examined the glowing rock within its crater it caused when colliding with the Earth. "Is this what I think it is..." Al asked tentatively as his mismatched gaze finally tore away from the glow stone to fix his glance at Mavis. The Vuesain did not see the shooting star as it fell from above, so he was certainly guessing and hoping he was correct.

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Mavis Kipley
The pups would be alright for the few minutes she was spending away from them; she was sure of it. There was still a bit of paranoia in the back of her mind, concerned for their wellbeing, but she quelled it quickly - there was nothing for her to worry about. She wasn't even all that far away, really, and her den was tiny, so predators would be unlikely to invade.

She'd been chasing stars her whole life, and she wasn't about to stop now.

The woman was unaware that she'd been followed, and she stiffened immediately upon hearing her name spoken, but forced herself to relax soon after. "I think so," she reasoned, observing the glowing rock with a small frown. "It's... so much smaller than I expected. But so bright," she told him, scooting down further down the divet in the ground to get closer to the glowing stone. "It fell from the sky."