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mom's spaghetti — Copper Rock Creek 
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Seri Donata
Seri, you stumble upon a carcass - it has been mutilated, but not eaten even by scavengers.

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment You own it, you better never let it go

Seri had been sticking close to the den. He had learned not to wander too far, and was a fairly mild-mannered child. He didn’t raise too much of a fuss, but that did not halt his growth or development in any capacity. His nose wrinkled as he looked around, a putrid but delicious scent hinting him in the face as he started to wander towards it. He was adventurous, even if he did not often act on the curiosities that plagued his mind… and where it led him was not where he was expecting.

He found a carcass, mutilated but still mostly intact. He quickly identified it, the word falling quickly from his maw. “BIRDSIE!” He continued to sniff at it, even poking at it with his paw. Perhaps he should bring it back for his mother. The thought certainly crossed his mind, and quickly he was picking it up, or at least the biggest part of it, and started to carry it towards where he knew their small little safe haven was.