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.... ooc name: Jacqueline
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.... your character's initial fight stats: Tank
....a role play sample:

The tundra stretched on for miles. The grass which blanketed the uneven terrain was dry and brittle, crunching softly beneath the weight of his large dust-covered paws as the lone wolf navigated his way South towards the emerging treeline. The heat of the sun beating down on his back had begun to grow almost unbearable, and despite his thinning summer coat, the uncomfortable prickling of his skin encouraged him to seek relief within of the dappled forest shade.

Aching, tired paws pushed him further through the lowlands, ignoring the heat which radiated up from the scorched fiery-orange grass, even as small cracks began to develop upon the dry pads of his paws. However, it did not take long before the cracks began to ooze from their continued exertion, and despite his best efforts to ignore the growing swelling and discomfort, he could not hold back the small whines which bubbled up his throat as the sharp terrain intermittently pierced his weathered, bleeding paws.

Stubbornness willed him forwards a few more yards before Nanuk finally slumped down awkwardly beside a large lichen-covered rock. Bathing in the limited shade it offered, the arctic wolf’s deep brown eyes instinctively surveyed his immediate surroundings before he gathered his paws towards him and began the agonising task of cleaning his wounds, his chest heaving with exhaustion.

About your character... Self-centered rulebreaker