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.... ooc name: Sunshine (formerly Ashbash)
.... current characters: None
.... how you found us: Former member
.... your character's initial fight stats: Rogue
....a role play sample (200+ words):

The air was warm as it swirled within inhaling lungs, the slight hint of crispness providing a subtle clue to the impending shift of seasons that was mere months away. Kaeruka chuffed faintly to herself after exhaling the captured breath she held prisoner moments ago as dainty, creamy paws continued their trek through the marshy wetland. A not so pleasant journey if she could say so herself considering the sensation of mud being kneaded between her toes just beneath the murky surface. Alas, this was yet another minor obstacle the young female had to endure and conquer.

Soft, olive-tinted eyes gazed onward at the looming distance of what marshland remained before dry land was achievable, an audible groan slipping past leathery lips. "What a drag.." came the annoyance-riddled statement accompanied by a swish of a chocolate tail. If it hadn't been made known by now, Kaeruka was definitely not the type of woman that liked to exert more effort than necessary and the muddy workout her slender limbs was not exactly appreciated. So much for trying to keep her pelt clean today. A swift shake of her body and the agouti woman was back in motion, paws sploshing one after the other.

and finally a bit about your character.... Kaeruka is a young soul just traveling about and going with the flow.