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Niabi Abbas
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Niabi grinned as she looked at her mother. Not for any typical reason, not like most girls would when their mother had finally gotten back from her diplomacy mission between the Western and Southern packs. It did annoy her that she'd been gone so long, though, and that seemed reasonable. Niabi's caretakers had well-versed her in the politics of the four packs, and none of them were on the verge of war. One of the caretakers had done a class-long lesson on the situation, so she knew precisely why Abbas hadn't been home in a month. Niabi had hoped it would be something serious. A series of kidnappings or a mysterious killer running loose across the packs, or something like that. Her imagination had conjured up countless more exciting options than the truth, which was that the Western pack was trading a piece of land and had to negotiate with the Southern pack for the other side of the trade.


Bohdan had told her multitudes of stories about Gammas of the past, before his birth. How they created real change, made sure that the packs respected their time, and were only called out for actually crucial matters. They were powerful then. So different from Abbas, who moved at the whim of the packs. 'Which I wouldn't mind,' he'd said, the vague disdain in his voice shouting that he actually would mind, very much so. 'Except that it hurts you kids. Those long-dead Gammas raised their children to be important in their packs, some even to be alphas. You were barely raised at all.' He sighed then. 'Still, you were born to rule, my dearly. Even at such a young age you are wiser than your mother. It's unfortunate, very unfortunate.'

Niabi knew that her mother was a weak doormat of a Gamma, and Bohdan had promised that he would put into the role his sister, who would return it to its former glory. So she grinned as she looked at her mother, who was asleep, and then set her jaws gently against her throat. In her mind, Abbas was only a statue. Dead already. Once she was gone everything would be perfect. Her father had promised.

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