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Dead Empress Backwater
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Character Name: Sita
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: February
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Sita returned with nothing but a massive hare between her teeth. It was disappointing. Truly, she had expected to find Iounia or perhaps her Uncle out there somewhere. They'd all almost found each other. She'd expressed her desires to her Leader-son and had little intent to be gone long. Her daughter had plenty of eyes to watch her and was not so dependant on her mother for sustiance, Sita thought she could bring the rest of their family together.

But, she was left feeling the fool again with only a meal to show for her journey. This and her bedraggled expression was likely enough to communicate this to the apprehensive eyes of her son. "I couldn't find any signs of them," Sita expressed sadly as she dropped the rabbit at his feet. "I believe I am quite exhausted with exploring." Truthfully, only a few days after her departure, she desired to return, but tried to steel herself, feeling a hope that success would be on the horizon. Now she only felt like she'd let them down again.
Viorel had perked at the scent of his mother on the borders, she had been longer a little longer than he had expected but not long enough to worry him. Meeting her at the markers, he was sad to see that she had returned alone, albeit with a fat hare in her jaws. Nodding in understanding, he stepped to the side to allow her to re-enter into their home. "Welcome back, I'm sorry you couldn't find anything you were looking for." And he meant it, he had surprised himself with how much he had missed her given how strained their relationship had been. Viorel watched as his mother's frame retreated into the foliage, then picked up the hare and followed behind.ACCEPTED
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