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Hounds of Eternity
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Hounds of Eternity is a dog and wolf roleplay based somewhat around the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter and more heavily around the game Cattails by Falcon Development. Knowledge of these two things is not required. The naming conventions of the WC series (i.e. Bluefur, Fireheart) is not used here, and you have more freedom to choose your name, which could be a flower name like Lily or a human name like Arnold. There are also three packs to choose from: Heaven’s Peak, a generally battle-ready pack; Sawtooth, a friendlier pack that usually lets anyone join; and Limberlost, a heavily spiritual pack. Not interested in any of those? Feel free to start up a plot creating your own pack, and if it takes off the pack may be added in.

- PG-13
- All skill levels welcome
- No word count
- Play-by-post
- Dogs, Wolves, & Wolfdogs allowed
- Other creatures permitted through the shop
- LGBT+ friendly
- High positions available