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Sawyer Archer
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.... ooc name: Greyer
.... current characters: Adelard + Oleander
.... how you found us: Kel's Top 50
.... your character's initial fight stats: n/a, already assigned.
....a role play sample (200+ words):
From "old money, nouveau riche" -

Since meeting Levi, weathering the winter came by a little easier. Their first few hours together were rather pleasant, lighthearted even... In fact, Sawyer was starting to wonder how he ever got by on pure snark alone. For the first time in his life he didn't feel the need to be sarcastic or cynical. Though, during the first two nights, he grappled with himself while the two of them had hunkered down for the evening. He couldn't be sure if his friendship with Levi was forged on pure loneliness or the pressing need to retrieve what was his as soon as physically or verbally possible. For now, he hoped it was the former. It was nice for a change to let his guard down without worries of anyone straight up stabbing him in the back.

Today's journey further into the southern reaches of Relic Lore found Sawyer standing in an untouched meadow before a grand, smooth-trunked tree. His lips parted at the grandeur of it as he stared into the hollowed out space at its roots and lower trunk. "Hey Slick!" he called out to his scouting companion, hoping he hadn't lost him on accident. His gaze combed through the tree line as he sat down, looking for a familiar splotch of tan fur, "Check this out!"

and finally a bit about your character...
After a run-in with some local, non-lupine natives (a very rude raven and its friend), Sawyer has been keeping on the down-low. He has been eyeing Dead Empress Backwater with a longing gaze for months but seemingly can't exactly be persuaded or physically reined in....
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